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    Good 420 movie to watch

    Green is Gold Synopsis: After a teenage boy's father goes to prison, he is forced to live with his older brother who has a compromising trade. Green is Gold 2016 Lifetime Movies, Romance, Comedy, Family - YouTube Enjoy :volcano-smiley:
  2. A

    Help me design a good marijuana gift box

    My brothers are just as big of potheads as me so I'm throwing together a weed gift box for them each but want more ideas. So far they're each getting: Grinder Hemp wick Alcohol swabs (easy way to clean your bowl) Clipper lighter Doob tube Prerolled joint (with weed from my grow) Glass joint...
  3. C

    Lost my brother today...Want to smoke...

    So my brother took his life today. I cant even breath correctly. I might have a drug testing next week or so, Not sure if I should smoke. You guys think its worth it? Or anything I can do to prevent it not showing up on the test? 150lbs and about 5'8 Any thoughts?
  4. Spike69

    Growing with a mission

    I started growing to help my brothers seizures.
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