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    Cinderella '99 by Brothers Grimm Seedbank
  4. BakedARea

    BakedARea's Cultivated Blessings: A Myriad Of Genetics & Shenanigans

    Now that I'm actually getting around to starting this perpetual journal, I have no idea what to write. I did know however that I wanted to start it on New Year. It is about having goals and getting them accomplished. A perpetual journal has been one of those goals! This is simply a continuation...
  5. CannaPot

    Latest Brothers Grimm Seeds & Ceres Seeds Now Available At Cannapot

    :cheer2::Namaste::cheer2: Hi there! We now have the latest strains by breeder Brothers Grimm available at our Seedshop...including the female cannabisseeds that are pretty new 1.) Apollo XX female @ Apollo XX 8 female [Brothers Grimm] : buy cannabisseeds - Cannapot 2.) Cinderella XX...
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