1. O

    Large fan leaves yellowing and dying. First grow.

    SOIL GROW Strain - Big girl is Northern lights/indica hybrid , Little girl is Unknown. # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - (1) 600 Watt MH Nutrients - Bio thrive 4-3-3, only fed once at (1) tsp per half gallon in its life Jan 13. One...
  2. Indicas

    Plants Look Scorched. Need Help!

    My plants leaves are browning and are curling upwards. I have a week left until I pick them, and I am starting to flush them today. I have been spraying water on the leaves to try and get the leaves back to their normal state. If anybody can help it would be much appreciated.
  3. M

    New Grower, Browning/Yellowing leaves

    New to this site sorry if everything comes up a little weird. SOIL GROW Strain - Bagseed # of Plants - 5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flowering (1wk 4d) Bucket Size - 6 inch span Lights - (3) 100W Equivelent Soft white Cfl (1) 100w eq. Daylight CFL Nutrients - One time feed at 3...
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