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brown dots

  1. Camer41

    Neon looking with dark striations and brown spots

    Wondering if anyone could help me... Growing in coco plants came from seed and are 45 days old. Growing with mars hydro 150 led. Using green planet 1 part and I’m following the schedule for veg. I’m on a 18/6 light sced. I thought it might be light burn but the plant beside it isn’t showing...
  2. J

    Help! New grower with spots on plants

    Hi! im looking for advice for my plants I’m brand new to growing and I’m running into the issue of the small round leaves turning yellow and/or developing brown spots And some have brown streaks on the bottom of their stems. I was wondering if its the ph of my water (which I believe might have...
  3. Camer41

    Brown spots getting worse

    Hello all. Trainwreck Auto. 6 and a half weeks old since popping Using 1000w equivalent led about 30 inches away in a grow tent ProMix HP medium. Feeding Green Planet organic on their recommended feeding sced. Used less food than says to. Very small auto that flowered after 3 weeks...
  4. J

    Please help diagnose spots/marks on leaves

    Hi Guys – I'm a first time grower and this is my first post. Please help identifying a problem. Strain - Cheese photoperiods # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Sprouted 19 days ago. Pot Sizes - 3 & 5 gallon fabric Lights - (4) 80 Watt LED full spectrum +...
  5. M

    First Grow: Small Brown Spots Appearing

    Hi guys, this is my first grow! She is in her 3rd week of veg and some small brown have just started appearing since the last day or two! Should I be worried! I’ve done some digging around and from what I’ve found it could potentially be a magnesium or manganese deficiency! Is this so? I really...
  6. A

    What’s on the leaf?

    I hope someone will know what is this, found this on the back side of the leaf. Look like slime molds. I looked at the other leaves and found nothing like that, but I remembered that I saw a few of these on the stems a few days ago.
  7. J

    help please leaves looking limp and brown :}

    hi im a first time grower of indoor plants they are under a 250w MH but they have started looking limp curling under and also have brown tips and spots on their leaves, i am grateful of any tips also my ballast has just blown so wondering if plants will be ok till i can get a new one next week?
  8. WizHigh

    Look like Worms in my RockWool Help!

    Ive planted 4 seeds in rockwool and put them in the humidity dome with heating pad. today 2 of the seedlings surfaced. One of the seedlings leaves were wide open a couple hours I check back on them and the leaves had closed back and I noticed a yellowish brown mark under one of the leaves. Also...
  9. K

    My baby is sick and i need help, anyone who can i would be appreciative!

    8k lumen lamp with vegetative t5 lights 24 hours of light planted in 5 gal buckets with organic choice miracle grow watered with tap water from artesian well
  10. M

    Help Needed Fast Please!

    Hi im a new grower, im growing a White Dwarf and Lemon Skunk, but the Dwarfs new leaves are yellow and other fan leaves are turning a bit pale, also small brown dots are appear. Anyone got any idea what this could be?:helpsmilie:RoorRip
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