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brown dots

  1. A

    What’s on the leaf?

    I hope someone will know what is this, found this on the back side of the leaf. Look like slime molds. I looked at the other leaves and found nothing like that, but I remembered that I saw a few of these on the stems a few days ago.
  2. J

    help please leaves looking limp and brown :}

    hi im a first time grower of indoor plants they are under a 250w MH but they have started looking limp curling under and also have brown tips and spots on their leaves, i am grateful of any tips also my ballast has just blown so wondering if plants will be ok till i can get a new one next week?
  3. WizHigh

    Look like Worms in my RockWool Help!

    Ive planted 4 seeds in rockwool and put them in the humidity dome with heating pad. today 2 of the seedlings surfaced. One of the seedlings leaves were wide open a couple hours I check back on them and the leaves had closed back and I noticed a yellowish brown mark under one of the leaves. Also...
  4. K

    My baby is sick and i need help, anyone who can i would be appreciative!

    8k lumen lamp with vegetative t5 lights 24 hours of light planted in 5 gal buckets with organic choice miracle grow watered with tap water from artesian well
  5. M

    Help Needed Fast Please!

    Hi im a new grower, im growing a White Dwarf and Lemon Skunk, but the Dwarfs new leaves are yellow and other fan leaves are turning a bit pale, also small brown dots are appear. Anyone got any idea what this could be?:helpsmilie:RoorRip