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brown leaf tips

  1. J

    Please Help! Little Ones Are Not Doing Well!

    Hi Everybody! I have started my first grow indoors and it appears that my plants are not doing well (I have posted several pictures below). I started the grow on January 28 and at first they were doing great. Over the past week or some of the lower leaves are completely dying and the tips...
  2. K

    New grower - Need some advice

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow soooo here goes. Not entirely sure on the strain, it was called purple durban. Not necessarily the most reliable source, but it probaby is what he said it was. It's a hybrid, 55% Sativa, 35% Indica. I have 9 plants going now. In early vegetative stage...
  3. M

    Vanilla Kush problems

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery This is her 26th day from seed. 2 days ago I started noticing the color changing on the leaves. Don't know what it could be as this is my first grow. I am Using a 5 gallon bucket for deep water culture...
  4. J

    help please leaves looking limp and brown :}

    hi im a first time grower of indoor plants they are under a 250w MH but they have started looking limp curling under and also have brown tips and spots on their leaves, i am grateful of any tips also my ballast has just blown so wondering if plants will be ok till i can get a new one next week?
  5. M

    Yellowing leaf tips and unknown pest

    strain : OG X bubba kush from bag seeds number of plants : 2 in 12" pots outdoor/indoor : outdoor growing stage : late vegetative fert : General Organics GO box at 2/3 strength, superthrive medium : coco problems : - having tips yellow, then brown and curl up. - is affecting mostly...
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