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brown leaves

  1. Purple Haze - Leaf browning from veins out

    Purple Haze - Leaf browning from veins out

  2. Purple Haze week 4 flower - browning leaves

    Purple Haze week 4 flower - browning leaves

  3. T

    I’m a newbie here need help

    Bottom leave turning brown the rest of plant looks very healthy is this just normal process they are autos growing in fox farm frog 1200 leds grow room ...look like a normal process to me but want some pro answers to make sure
  4. G

    Second Attempt Autos!

    Hi everyone 9 days into my second grow. Ive learnt alot from my first attempt and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on my previous thread. Using LEDs, a fan and putting plants outside on sunny days. Getting at least 20 hours of light out of 24. Careful watering around plant only when...
  5. W

    No! Please! What is going on with my baby?

    day 13 from 12/12 transition what is this browning action taking place between the leave's veins on the semi-young to middle of the plant? i've invested hours researching & still i'm having a tough time diagnosing her based off the diagrams & descriptions! indoor growing in 50/50 coco/perlite...
  6. S

    Brown leaves at 3 weeks

    Hi All just starting my second grow under LEDs and my Northern Light has got a severe case of brown leaf I am 3 weeks in and have checked PH at 5.7 and fed once a week its a full hydro setup that I grew successfully for the first time last year with Blueberry Bliss. Drip fed , air bubbler, and...
  7. R

    Help me please! Yellow, brown, pale green leaves

    This is my first grow it’s a white widow x B.B auto growing in soil haven’t had a problem untill now it’s going a little slow anyway it’s 8 weeks 1 day old and the bottom leaves are turning a pale green and yellowish and some are going brown and crispy only towards the bottom nothing at the top...
  8. A

    Help! Mites? Brown leaves, previous spider mite problem HELP!

    Brown leaves, previous spider mite problem HELP! About a week from harvest they seem to be destroying the buds. Have used mighty wash, no spider mites, sm 90, reduce them some. But not enough. Also used pyrethrum and Beethoven bombs previously.
  9. G

    Nute Burn?

    We fertilized last night with double the amount we used last time and this is what our plants look like this afternoon. Nute burn? We are growing outdoor in soil using regular water. We watered heavily once we saw the leaves like this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. P

    Problem - New grower

    High! i'm a new grower, just trying to plant something to be proud to smoke my own. i got hands on a seed and i didnt now until i topped it that was an autoflower strain. i used lst to bend the stems and get more light. im planting on soil and mixed lightings( during the day she gets all the sun...
  11. C

    My Baby plant burned last night after it touched a CFL light - Help!

    So i just started growing in my closet and decided it was risky so I moved my baby to the atic where i have 3 different CFL on it. With an intake and outake fan. Normal organic fert and normal water. Just started but sinve my new setup I guess one of the biggest lights lowerd and touched the...
  12. Dave Groomer

    2nd CFL grow need help

    I have 2 plants, an AK48 and an Ice growing in Miracle Grow organic potting soil with perlite and lyme. They are 3 weeks old, under 4 23w CFL (6500k). I am using Fox Farm Nutes. Soil PH is 6.5. Humidity 50% Temp around 80. This AM I noticed some brown edges on the Ice. Does anyone have...
  13. B

    Help some leaves are brown and look "burnt"

    Hey guys, I'm new here..... I have 2 plants, home growing, mostly on natural sunlight, no tricks, one seems alright but the other has some brown and burned leaves, in random areas, not particularly bottom or top (maybe a little more on the lower part) , I only water them and put some organic...
  14. J

    leaves turning brown, spreading to bud, please help

    I have an outdoor grow of several plants. 3 of them are the same strain and have a serious problem. some of the leaves are turning brown , and it is spreading to the buds. i have no idea what is causing it, i would appreciate any help.
  15. C

    Brown leafs on 2 week old plant please help

    This seedling is being grown under sunshine mix #4 aggregate I have no clue whats wrong with it. The medium has no nutes in it so what could it be? The white stuff on the plant is the reflection of the light just misted then took a picture.
  16. L

    My hydro plant leaves are turning brown tward the bse of the plant. What wrong?

    I just started my first deep water grow room/closet. I transplanted 1ft tall plants to hydro bubbler tank and followed all the directions on my Technaflora Hydro Kit adding all of the correct chemicals. Im thinking that my plants are getting too hot. so switched to a 12/12 lighting with 24hr fan...
  17. D

    Leaves on top of Indica plant turning brown and curling up.

    These leaves started to turn brown and got burnt ,dry on top.There doing this under both lights 1000 watt hps lights.Started turning shortly after i flushed with fox farm sledge hammer bushdoctor
  18. M

    Mr Sausage First Outdoor - Organic - OG X Bubba Kush Grow

    First off, here are some specs; 2 plants in 12" pots (1 five gal, 1 three gal) - grown from seed in rockwool then transplanted to coco - using General Organics 8 part GO Box, plus Superthrive 1 plant in 6" pot - also grown from seed in rockwool then transplanted to soil - using...
  19. K

    Brown leaves / 100o temps / sprayed for mites / pics

    1. I just sprayed for mites using a combo of Bronners soap, some e-oils, vodka and water. 2% stuff - 98% water. 2. Water in this area heavily chlorinated. ( I let water sit in large container for 2 or 3 days before I water so chlorine can evaporate). 3. Temp are over 100 degrees. 4...
  20. J

    Girls need help pics

    leaves turning yellow and brown,from top to bottom.growing in hydro,15 gal water. ff nutes,easy balance added,2 weeks ago started using super thrive. ppm 1150,ph5.5/6.5,water temp 79f. plants are2 months,still under a foot tall,started pinching them very young,very very tight nods. what could...
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