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    Help! Soil still wet

    I have 3 plants under CFL. All was well until I switched from 18-6 to 11-13, 2 weeks ago and started on a flowering nutrient. Now they look sick and frail. (Could NPK be the issue) Scenario: Miracle Gro potting soil with DuGro all purpose fertilizer 15-30-15. Too much? 7 weeks old. Topped and...
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    Early Browning On Clone Questions

    I transplanted 4 clones. One of them had a brown spot on the bottom most leaves pre-transplant. Those leaves are now starting to all have brown spots and wilt. It looks like and over water issue, while the roots are trying to establish.
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    Urgent - Browning/Yellowing On Leaves, Photos Attached - Please Diagnose!

    Today i noticed that a few leaves on one of my units has discolouration. I noticed it in the last few days, however, it wasn't until today that it became significant enough to cause worry. The first image is from the top of the unit, currently there is only one leaf that has this specific brown...
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    8 day seedling, brown spots and looking unwell

    My seedling sprouted about 8 days ago and is not looking very happy. Haven't been given any nutes yet, is in rockwool. Under a 40w cfl until i can pop under my 1000w hps light. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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