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brown tips

  1. MackMcMacMac

    Help! Brown spots on serrated leaf tips

    Hi experts! I have a young auto/fem growing in a space bucket that I topped a week ago. Her new tops look good, but I noticed one fan leaf has brown tips on the leaf serrations. I'm concerned! Can you tell me what (if anything) I need to add to the water to combat this problem before it gets...
  2. G

    My plant is sick - Any ideas on how to diagnose it?

    Newer growth yellow Older leaves browning from tips and edges inwards Ak47 (apparently, I wouldn't know) Germinated 25th feb '17 Miracle grow half strength Solo cups with heaps of holes covering the sides Growing in space bucket 20L 60w led ufo red and blue 3x pc fans 12v 80mm 18/6...
  3. DoobieNoob

    Jock Horror Day 29 Brown Tips

    I need some help diagnosing some browning of the tips please. I have been following everyone's posts for quite a while and am on my very first indoor grow. I have this little girl at day 29 in FFOF soil with Earth Juice nutes. I know I had some issues with water ph that I do believe caused some...