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  1. M

    Yellow spots on lower leaves turning brown

    Girls seem healthy other wise. Closet grow. All was well on coconut and plain water for first month. Switched to nutes and this started. Is it actually a nute issue or something else? This issue is on the lower big leaves. So that also has me thinking it's something coming up through the roots...
  2. B

    Sporadic browning and curling upward

    Hey all, Back again with another problem. Leaves are curling upward and browning in no particular pattern. Almost like a sunburn. Growing in coco, currently week 6 in bloom. Using AN sensi range with b52,bud candy, overdrive, calmag, big bud all at half doses the whole way through with great...
  3. G

    Early flowering - Sick plant - What is wrong?

    I have an auto flowering purple mazar which has me confused as to what the source of my errors are. I think, potentially a combination of overwatering and nute burn (N). New leafs are drooping at the ends, with brown tips. old leaves are either drooping & brown tips or curled upwards with brown...
  4. K

    Harvest Time Question

    I am looking for help in predicting the future growth and harvest time for my plants. I am just finishing my 8th week of flowering. For the purpose of me counting weeks, I considered flipping to 12/12 transition 24/7 light and 36 hours dark at the end the first week rather than the first week...
  5. F

    Urgent - What's the cause of those brown spots? Help!

    Hi! Temp is 83f Strain : White widow Medium : HP Promix with mycorazine light : 400W HPS Light distance : 19'' Watering Frequency : every 3-4 days or when the pot is light AF Water PH : 6.5 Water Drainage PH : 6.0 Humidity 20-30% Age : Day 17 from seed I gave it Cal/Mag yesterday along with...
  6. S

    Leaves turning brown & curling upwards

    Calling all plant Doctors I'm looking for some opinions. My plants are in an aeroponic grow. PH is 5.8, I feed with mills which I have used the past 4 grows with no issue. Leaf tips curling up and turning brown. I have included 2 photos. Any Ideas? View image in gallery View image in...
  7. M

    Brown leaf tips

    Hi I am a first time grower and not sure of somethings. I have 4 Early Miss growing in a 3x3 rent. The plants are 5 weeks from seed and I have been using fox farms grow big every 2nd watering and ff big bloom in very small amounts..1/4 tsp in per half gallon. The tips have been brown for a week...
  8. Ron Strider

    Gov. Kate Brown Names First Cannabis Industry Representative To Oregon Liquor Control

    When Gov. Kate Brown last week released her new list of appointments to boards and commissions, much of the focus was on two senior state senators moving on to new positions. But just as she acted to renew the Senate chamber, Brown also proposed new blood for the Oregon Liquor Control...
  9. K

    Bad clone

    I got a clone from a medical shop. Once I got home I notice the roots was brown so I decided to plant it to see if I can bring it back to life. Only thing is its not producing no buds are new growth the white hairs that was on it is turning brown I'm ready to trash it [154621.jpg[/img]
  10. K

    Bad clone

    I got a clone from a medical shop. Once I got home I notice the roots was brown so I decided to plant it to see if I can bring it back to life. Only thing is its not producing no buds are new growth the white hairs that was on it is turning brown I'm ready to trash it View image...
  11. B

    Outdoor plant pistils turning brown

    its day 40 into flower and the pistols are turning dark brown and one is turning black on top this started out for fun got a clone. didn't think it would get to this point cause the soil was really rockyb only used strait tap water and some mothers organic pestaside
  12. MackMcMacMac

    Help! Brown spots on serrated leaf tips

    Hi experts! I have a young auto/fem growing in a space bucket that I topped a week ago. Her new tops look good, but I noticed one fan leaf has brown tips on the leaf serrations. I'm concerned! Can you tell me what (if anything) I need to add to the water to combat this problem before it gets...
  13. H

    Need Help - Brown Spots On Leaves Of Transplanted Clone

    I have recently transplanted my clone, waited a few days for it to adapt and dry from watering, FIM'ed it a few times and gave it nutrients. The soil is pro mix and it does have some nutrients in it. A fair amount of leaves have developed brown spots and a couple even have yellowing at the main...
  14. M

    Pistils browning too early?

    Hi all. My girl is in week 7 of flower. I'm guessing she's a 10 weeker (bagseed so no clue) Now her pistils are already turning brown. But her buds are no where near thick enough. Are we fucked?
  15. R

    Brown & yellow spots on sugar leaves

    I have these yellow and brown spots on my sugar leaves. Can some tell me what it can be? I grow in a 2 x 2 1/2 grow tent under 2 450w LEDs use Fox Farm soil and nutrients.
  16. Ron Strider

    'The Cannabis Project' Reveals The Patients Behind The Politics

    With all the debate surrounding cannabis legalization, it can sometimes be easy to forget that there are real people behind the politics. New Jersey photographer Erica Brown is doing her part to change that. Brown is the founder of the social media campaign The Cannabis Project, a photo...
  17. S

    Need help leaves dying

    Have these plants in 5 gallon buckets have been using advanced nutrients since start. Hydroponic grow in hydroton. Not sure what's causing my leaves to turn yellow and die up top. Lower leaves seem fine. Two of the plants leaves are turning yellow leaves are curling down and their tips are...
  18. R


    Hello there, 5 weeks into flowering a northern lights strain and few top bud pistols are drying and turning brown. Have no idea what is going on
  19. E

    Health Check Please - Brown Tips - Yellowing - Drooping

    Hi All, I'm on day 21 since planting seeds. My grow journal is here: Everson's First Grow - Indoor Soil - Strawberry Kush - Pineapple Haze - Blueberry I may have given nutes too soon. I was noticing a little bit of yellowing, so I gave a very weak feeding last Sunday. Jack's classic at...
  20. Ron Strider

    Cooking With Cannabis

    I wandered over to a recent "cooking with cannabis" course hosted by Westville's Women Grow CT to learn how to make some summer-themed edibles: lemonades, barbecue sauce, and the classic medley of baked goods. What I got was a glimpse into a budding industry. "Has anyone heard of their...
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