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  1. K

    Purple Kush

    Hey guys an gals I am in week 9 of flowering an my res glans are all over the plant but no hair has started to turn brown looking for advise first time here growing an don't want to go over the flower time said 8-10 weeks should I let her go till the hairs start to turn Amber or brown or take it...
  2. C

    Aerogarden - Browning tips but maybe not nute burn?

    View image in gallery Ok, im using an Aerogarden Bounty and The trio of Fox Farms hydroponic nutrients at 1/4 strength. I'm in week three of flower and everything was doing fine until the humidity dropped from 35-40 down to 20-25. The plant started drinking lots more water and thus, from...
  3. hfpuEF

    Has anyone heard of Brown Deisel?

    Has anyone had heard of Brown Deisel?
  4. hfpuEF

    Has anyone heard of Brown Deisel?

    Has anyone heard of Brown Deisel?
  5. M

    Early Browning On Clone Questions

    I transplanted 4 clones. One of them had a brown spot on the bottom most leaves pre-transplant. Those leaves are now starting to all have brown spots and wilt. It looks like and over water issue, while the roots are trying to establish. http://i63.tinypic.com/2i1z3hs.jpg...
  6. S

    Help! Brown-orange spots on leaves

    hello there, the plant is month and week old. i'm using all-mix soil and 600W hps. it looks pretty healty besides some brown\orange spots on some of the leaves ( old and new leaves both). doesnt look like any deficiency on guides... could use some help identify what is the problem. Thank you!
  7. W

    Leaves turning brown? Help

    I am using distilled water, with week one formula (Dyno gro AB) on the two bigger plants. They are now 14 days from sprouting. I think they might be over watered. But someone told me it might be a calcium/magnesium deficiency. The other plants in the red solo cups were planted two days...
  8. D

    Help! Why are my leaves starting to curl and brown on the tips

    So for the past few weeks the tips of the leave shave started to turn brown and curl and a little. What can be the cause of this? And what is the best solution. My plants are all completely outdoors. Cheers!
  9. D

    Newbie Help - Spots on lower leaves and/or too short?

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Cluster Bomb - Hybrid 50/50% # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Vegetative - 4 weeks since germination Setup - DWC Light - 250 Watt CFL 6500k 24hrs a day Nutrients - Canna Aqua Medium - Grodan Rockwool and clay pebbles PH - 5.8 RH - Unknown Room Temperature -76...
  10. M

    2 weeks old plant started dying! Help please!

    Hello, I have a 2 weeks old Northern Lights (from Nirvana shop) plant, It all went good in the first week, but in the second I noticed some yellow-ness on the lower leaves. Now those leaves are starting to die, their tip became brown and dry, and I can see more yellow parts on the upper leaves...
  11. shuffledemon

    Pistils as indicators for maturity? No

    I hear people talk about pistil color and condition as indicators of plant maturity. Well, don't. It doesn't work. You need your magnifier and perspective of your trichome color. Without that you just have guesswork. Take a look at these. Which one looks more mature? If you...
  12. M

    Second grow- Having some major issues

    This is my second grow, and I pulled 8oz out my first no problem, So I went into this with some confidence. But now Im starting to get scared. At the 7 day mark, my LAST grow looked like a damn bush.. This ones looking like this.. It's got a weak stem, The leaves are drooping, and its...
  13. C

    Hello Everyone- Back again and starting over

    Hi there everyone. I am a current grower. I am starting my growing adventure from a new start. I use to live in Oakland and use to grow on a massive level, when I say that I was growing around 275 plants at a time with a harvest every month. I kept everything in a rotation to keep it producing...
  14. P

    Please help. Leaves curling, tips turning brown. First grow, Newbie

    I apologize in advance if this is too long or has too many pics but I've read that the more info provided the easier it is to get help. Today's date is March 14, 2014. I built a grow box to get started and plan on using the entire room once I transplant to 5 gallon buckets. Currently I have 6...
  15. S

    Need help - spots holes yellow

    I had this a little more descriptive but my phone just deleted itall so hers it summed up. Distilled water ph about 6..liquid tester. 90w ufo with cfl's dwc. Northern lights 750ppm 3 part flora. keeps going up so i keep dropping it more. 75 degree rez Water. I thought there was something wrong...
  16. I

    Brown Coloring on Seedlings - Please Help!

    Hey guys, i have two new Southern Shiva seedlings about 2 weeks old. I lost my old plant (seedling) bout 3 weeks old. One day i found it and it had some brown coloring on it, i thought it was nothing, i came home the day and the whole plant was dead :/ just really dont want to fuck these ones...
  17. C

    Flowering Stage: Plant Problems, Brown/yellow/crispy leaves

    Setup: Soil/organic 400w mh/hps (mh veg hps flower) mylar box - 4ftx4ftx7ft ph level: around 6.5 using distilled water and feeding with tiger bloom 1/8th str i also Ph the solution before i feed and it comes out to 6.0 fixture distance: approx 12" room temp: around 70 degrees...
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