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browning leaves

  1. NoobGrowUtube

    Please help - AK48 plants browning

    Fan leaves are browning at the tip/turning up and feel crispy. and seems to be moving up the plant. With the same browning at the tips.. Roots are slightly brown and im pretty sure its not nute stained. Temp=75 RH=50% Nutes=400 and i just changed the reservoir 3/25/16 when the problem was...
  2. N

    Burn on sides, veins and ends...what is this?!

    So it starts at the end...then moves to the sides and moves down the veins while the veins stay green. Eventually it takes over and everything looks burnt and crispy. PH today: 6.2 PPM: 1170 ppm - water is 290 ppm from faucet 67 days in flower...i put them on flower on Thanksgiving. It...
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