1. LadyGaea

    Yellowing leaves with browning on tips well into flower...advice please?

    Good morning! Having a problem I hope someone with more experience can assist with. I am growing several sativa/indica hybrids which are all displaying the same issue. Yellowing fan leaves and browning tips. Not a lot but enough for concern. They are in 5 gallon cloth pots with Fox Farm Ocean...
  2. P

    1st time grow, 1st post :) leaves browning (pics)

    Hey everyone I hope all is well so to start off, I have 4 clones of Midnight Fire and 5 Gorilla Glues I started from seed which I found in some herb. The clones have browning really only in the tips of the leaves while the Glue has browning throughout the leaves. The soil I amended I stole...
  3. S

    Sugar leaves browning at tips

    Dear All. Hope everyone is well. I have a seedsman white widow feminised that is approx 6 to 7 weeks into flower. Overall it's a great plant and I am hopeful of a nice harvest. I have approx 15 big colas. I have started to see discolouration in a lot of the fan leaves, yellowing. Overall...
  4. T

    Harvesting & Curing - Turning Brown!

    So, I have two plants. One is for experimental purposes of doing whatever I felt like doing to it as a newbie. The other, I followed advice from the forums and actually took the time to look up terms. The experiment is at the drying stage and turning brown. I put indoors, by my window for...
  5. J


    There about 4 weeks into 12/12 and just the top leaves tips are curling down no browning or anything it's bag seed.
  6. L

    How to handle nitrogen toxicity in hot soil

    Hi All, Day 17V Pineapple Chunk I've got a bit of a nitrogen toxicity problem that started when I left for the long weekend and decided to give my plant a bit more water than normal. For the record I'm growing in Miracle grow moisture control (a mistake) with 25% perlite and this particular...
  7. M

    Second grow- Having some major issues

    This is my second grow, and I pulled 8oz out my first no problem, So I went into this with some confidence. But now Im starting to get scared. At the 7 day mark, my LAST grow looked like a damn bush.. This ones looking like this.. It's got a weak stem, The leaves are drooping, and its...
  8. F

    Help! Yellowin/browning leave tips curling up

    Help plants are 2 weeks old and 3 weeks old the more developed is an auto and the younger is a strain by tg_gentics called Enzo's kush ( SFV OG x Pandora's box) TLO mellow mix soil feeding 6.0 ph water with 15ml/g canna rhizotonic 80 degrees F and 40% humidity not sure what I'm doing wrong I...
  9. L

    Please help my little Matilda!

    How's it going fellas. I am looking for some help diagnosing an issue(first time grower). The issue started just a few days ago but only seems to be getting worse faster and faster. I'm using a light cycle of around 10-4-6-4 and was watering whenever I specifically noticed soil was dried(once or...
  10. T

    Possible Root decay on an otherwise healthy plant. Help and suggestions appreciated

    Hey everyone, first I am going to give a little back story into our issue here. When we began growing this guy he was simply in an Aerogarden with NO pump as the back arm was broken and the connectors were shot. So we needed to wait from 1-15 through 1-28 before it was getting the air pump...
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