1. Brickie74

    Bubbas exploded

    Seems like they almost doubled in size over night.
  2. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Multi-Strain Clones 2019

    Welcome to Obadiahs Multi Strain 2019 Journal! Thank everyone for stopping by. Very quickly I'm going to poat some content here to get the thread up, so I can finish everything I'm doing on time. So without further adieu, the ladies! We'll begin with the day of their arrival, March 30th, @...
  3. M

    Completed The '17 Project

    This is my California medical sungrown project. I am running Darkheart Nursery gear in 100g smartpots, aside from two that are in 30g growbags. My soil is Roots 707. I am using the Earth Juice SeaBlast line of nutrients and will be top dressing with Rainbow mix in a few days. I am using a...
  4. Rhasta

    Abandoned Bubba Kush - A 10 Week 6-Clone Sprint - Indoor - LED - Soil

    Bubba Kush - A 10 Week 6-Clone Sprint - Indoor - LED - Soil Intro I have 6 Bubba Kush clones, I plan on veg'ing for 1 week and then going directly to flowering for 9 weeks. After this I will leave them drying for as long as they need. This is my first grow (kind of, my real first grow I had to...
  5. M

    Cali Connection Bubba Kush

    Cali Connection bubba Kush from fem seeds at day 59 flowering. Doesn't look like most of the bubba pics I've seen. This looks like it has an og in it or something. Either way it smells amazing. I only started 2 seeds and they are different pheno's. A bit of light bleaching on one and I think I...
  6. S

    Assistance in diagnosing the problem

    Hello, I'm a first time grower and very excited to join the club. A bit of back story, I started three plants from seed on 1/28. The seedlings are coming along, maybe a bit slow?, but they have thier third true set of leaves starting. On 2/4 I received 5 more plants from a friend that were...
  7. R

    Completed Bubba Kush - CKS

    Bubba Kush - Crop King Seeds- Couple first days. Popping up.
  8. B

    Completed 1st Grow Journal

    hello everyone! ive just started my first grow journal!! don't be afraid to comment and tell me what you think of it!! ive been around growing for a while now im excited to be around an unlimited number of growers and knowledge!! lets begin!! I have a 4x4 lighthouse hydro tent ipower 400...
  9. T

    Looking for a good Bubba Kush feminized seed

    Pretty much as the title states, I am looking to see who has the best genetics for Bubba Kush feminized. I have been looking around but I have found a lot of conflicting stories. I have looked at Dinafem, Humboldt Seed org and a few others. I would obviously prefer first hand accounts not my...
  10. R

    Abandoned 4x8 - LEC - Multi-Strain Grow

    Alright, :420: I'm back! not that it was it was anticipated or anything, but I think there's a lot of people who don't know the results of LEC (CMH whatever you want to call it) lighting. Went to a trade show and was able to pick up some genetics I'm more than excited about! Bare with...
  11. B

    CK Bubba Kush

    Going to be running the bubba kush soon anyone have some pics or info on the strain would be helpful thanks :)
  12. E

    First Bubba Kush Grow

    Hey all these are my 2 Bubba kush lady's I'm day 23 in and loving it how do they look so far any advice I will definitely take
  13. MortalWombat

    Abandoned Bubba Kush - CFL - Grow

    Basically I decided a couple months ago to go ahead and start growing myself due to the extreme prices in my area and horrible quality even though both possessing and growing are HIGHLY illegal where I live. Did my research and talked to the ol' lady and got the go ahead. She gave me about a...
  14. jamesleemc

    Completed 1st Grow Journal - Sour Diesel & Bubba Kush

    OK all 1st journal so here go's Strain's 3 Sour Diesel 3 Bubba Kush LIGHTS 2 t5 SUNBLAZE 46'S veg 18/6 2 600W HPS FOR BLOOM 12/12 4X4X7 TENT soil pro mix hp and perlite nutes Aurora (Soul) all but the peak. started from fem seed's in rockwool, as soon as they...
  15. L

    Bubba Kush Mother

    This is my Bubba Kush Katsu cut from Dr Greenthumb seeds. Going to let it get a bit bigger before I start pulling clones.
  16. S

    Abandoned Pre-1998 Bubba Kush Soil Grow

    Organic soil grow 400w mh vented hood, with fan blowing inside a 4x4 tent. Also have a couple smaller clones, just picked up 3 days ago. One is So Cal Cat piss, snoop dogs strain or whatever. It's a clone only strain And a Super Silver Haze. Both in soil, small containers. Last but not...
  17. stinker

    Outdoor Autos

    After a successful backyard grow of regular photos, I have 4 new auto sprouts going. 2 Dinafem Bubba Kush, 1 Think Different and 1 AutoXtreme. The Bubba sprouted on 2/6 and the other 2 sprouted on 2/1. I used fox farms ocean soil.
  18. T

    Abandoned Bubba Kush - DWC - LED

    This is my first grow in nearly 4 years, I have been working towards my degree in Electrical Engineering and now that is nearly done I am getting back into this again. Strain: Bubba Kush Current Stage: Veg Veg: 2 Weeks in, Topped on the 30th of December Grow Room: 4x4x6.5 Hydro: DWC Light...
  19. jandre2k3

    Jandre2k3s - Strain Info Only OG Bubba Kush - Veg Cycle For Cloning

    OG BUBBA KUSH OG Kush x Bubba Kush Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid Flowering Time Indoor: 58 - 72 days (~65 days) Yield / Quantity Indoor: The crop of this strain is slightly below average. General Impression Indoor: is all together a quite good strain...
  20. B

    Bubba OG fan leaves yellowing off..

    Hi everyone! 6 weeks into flowering and I have some fan leaves going yellow/purple. I'm using FoxFarm Big Bloom + Tiger Bloom + Unsulfured Molasses + Atami Bloombastic. I've considered that maybe Nitrogen deficiency, since I stopped using FoxFarm Grow Big, and the flowering nutes don't have a...
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