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bubble buckets

  1. BAM55448

    Deep water culture

    My questions are 1 what EC at what week should I be measuring? 2 what PH should I shoot for? Currently I have a good setup and it is working ok. I wanted to get into growing/reading of the plants, before I got into complex growing. I am thinking this will be a basic introduction to Hydroponics...
  2. M

    Gorilla Grow Tent Hydro Buckets Setup Problem

    Totally excited about setting up my grow room and digging in and learning. I am a newbie and am probably making some stupid mistakes along the way, but...well...that's part of the learning. I purchased a 5X5 Gorilla Grow Tent with the 6 bucket Superflow Bubble Bucket system based on pictures...
  3. I

    Making bubble hash

    hey guys i compleatly forgot i had a shoe box full of sugar leaf an small buds but their all dyred out can i still use them even tho their not fresh ??
  4. U

    UncleJohn's Basic Hydro Cabinet Grow 2011/2012

    Hey everyone, My first grow journal, and only my second grow so ill put it out there now that im by no means an experienced grower so any feedback/criticism would be really great. My first grow was earlier this year and was a closet grow. It was in my college room which was cleaned and...
  5. G

    GardenGnome's Russian Rocket Fuel Hydro Grow

    Strain:Russian Rocket Fuel Type:Auto flowering indica/sativa hybrid Started: Aug 9, 2010 Indoor: Small Tent(veg), Closet(flowering) Medium: Bubble Bucket/Hydroton Lights: 6 Lamp T8(veg)/400 Watt HPS Schedule: 24/7 Temp: 82F RH: N/A PH In: N/A/Out: N/A Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio...
  6. F

    Freak420's Hydro/Bubble Buckets Strawberry Cough / Jack47 Grow Journal

    Hey 420 this is my first grow journal here and I'm hoping to make it a good one. Any and all comments are more than welcome. Here we go... I'm going to keep two mother plants in a area 4'x2'x6 ½. Lighting for that area will be a sunlight supply 4 foot, 8 tube, high output t-5 fluorescent...
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