bubble gum

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    Scandinavian´s Northern Light - Bubble Gum SCROG

    Hello :420: I have been lurking some time around the completed journals, i was quickly hooked and decided to try it out myself. This is my first grow of basically anything ever.. Bare with me! First some information: Soil: 50% standard flowers soil (Soil is way over nuted and PH 5.5 which...
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    TentGrow 250w MH/HPS NL - Bubble Gum - Brainstorm

    OK, Here we go again! Strains = Northern Lights, Bubble Gum, Brainstorm Lights = 250w MH in Veg and 250w HPS after 2 weeks in bloom. Growroom = Stealth grow, Tent Secret Jardin 160X60CM Soil = Mixed soil with some perlit and vermeculit, both slow and fast nutes. Nutes = Prolly...
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    Micro Grow, BE IRIE style.. LA,BG,Mys.

    OK guys, since this grow is going to be much smaller then the usual I figured it would be my version of a micro grow... :bong: I shall have one Bubble gum clone, LA Confidential from seed, and a mystery (1 of five strains) from seed. They were all vegged under the LED, that's why they are...
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    Viva Las Vegas! Procyon 100 LED Grow Test

    OK, so I am going to be doing this at least through the veg stage and possibly into flower depending on if I like what I see.. I will be using the proycon 100 which I think is a upper mid level LED. I picked Bubble gum and Dream Weaver to be my guinea pigs. The two seeds broke ground on 9/28. I...