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bubble gum

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    Bubblegum at 21 days flower
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  3. S

    Scandinavian´s Northern Light - Bubble Gum SCROG

    Hello :420: I have been lurking some time around the completed journals, i was quickly hooked and decided to try it out myself. This is my first grow of basically anything ever.. Bare with me! First some information: Soil: 50% standard flowers soil (Soil is way over nuted and PH 5.5 which...
  4. J

    TentGrow 250w MH/HPS NL - Bubble Gum - Brainstorm

    OK, Here we go again! Strains = Northern Lights, Bubble Gum, Brainstorm Lights = 250w MH in Veg and 250w HPS after 2 weeks in bloom. Growroom = Stealth grow, Tent Secret Jardin 160X60CM Soil = Mixed soil with some perlit and vermeculit, both slow and fast nutes. Nutes = Prolly...
  5. Be Irie

    Micro Grow, BE IRIE style.. LA,BG,Mys.

    OK guys, since this grow is going to be much smaller then the usual I figured it would be my version of a micro grow... :bong: I shall have one Bubble gum clone, LA Confidential from seed, and a mystery (1 of five strains) from seed. They were all vegged under the LED, that's why they are...
  6. Be Irie

    Viva Las Vegas! Procyon 100 LED Grow Test

    OK, so I am going to be doing this at least through the veg stage and possibly into flower depending on if I like what I see.. I will be using the proycon 100 which I think is a upper mid level LED. I picked Bubble gum and Dream Weaver to be my guinea pigs. The two seeds broke ground on 9/28. I...
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