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bubble hash

  1. L

    Bubble hash at home, to freeze or not to freeze?

    Hey everyone, I've recently got myself a rosin press, made my first batch of fresh frozen bubble hash then pressed into live rosin. It turned out so damn flavorful that I am hooked. For the first run I immediately froze all the trim and buds from the last harvest, it sat in my deep freeze for...
  2. Bubble hash

    Bubble hash

  3. Bubble hash

    Bubble hash

  4. Bubba Hash

    Bubba Hash

  5. Bubble hash

    Bubble hash

  6. My Wake and Bake special

    My Wake and Bake special

    Joint of New York City Diesel x Lavender x Ja Goo flower with Blackberry Kush bubble hash , Romulan and Sunset Sherbet shatter .
  7. Canna Montana

    Welcome All My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Canna M & Nismo12 Team Up!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!! Adults of all ages!! Come one, come all... :welcome: Since we live together, and grow together it only makes sense we have a journal together. Today was an exciting day for us. We decided after a good amount of research, we would become cloners. Currently Nismo has...
  8. I

    Making bubble hash

    hey guys i compleatly forgot i had a shoe box full of sugar leaf an small buds but their all dyred out can i still use them even tho their not fresh ??
  9. Johnboy6006

    How do you make 5 star bubble hash

    I've seen a lot of stuff about 5 star bubble hash, but no one has taken the time to explain how you get that great of quality. So my question is how do you make it, I already know how to do bubble hash. Is it just the process of keeping each screens extracts separate from the others?
  10. P

    Prepping cuttings for use in the dry ice method of making hash

    Our plants are near harvest and we are going to have a load of cuttings. I have the bubble bags and want to make hash, and from what I have read using the dry ice method is pretty darn effective. My question is, after all the cuttings dry out for a day or two, should I grind them up in a...
  11. trichomes

    Icewater& mesh. I made hash with my trim, my buddy throws his away, Big mistake

    I watched a few videos on that tube website, after 20 minutes I tried it with my bunk/trim. Un Freakin' Believable! I made has as good as any I've seen/smoked. I made awesome hash, everyone can do this, I'm after my buddy for his trim now.
  12. P

    50 Lbs. of trim, How Much Should I Yield?

    Im about to come up on about 50 Lbs. of trim and i was going to make some Fuego Bubble Hash and i was wondering what an average yield would be with 50 lbs. of Trim. (Not too much Fan leafs)
  13. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process

    Aqua Lab Technologies video instructions for use in the Water Hash Separation Process Full Version YouTube - Bubble Hash Washing Machine Process
  14. Aqua Lab Tech

    Concentrate Bowl - Smoking Demo

    MK-Ultra 120 µ -1º, water-hash being smoked in the Aqua Lab Tecnologies - R1 Concentrate Bowl. YouTube - R1 Concentrate Bowl Aqua Lab Tech
  15. Aqua Lab Tech

    220 µ micron Zipcro filter bag instructions

    Aqua Lab Tech: 220 µ micron Zipcro filter bag video instructions: YouTube - Aqua Lab Technologies - 220 micron filter bag instructions
  16. Smokin Moose

    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    I invite all members to post their favourite bud or plant shot in this thread. I am after your favourite image, that you feel best represents your love of the plant, or a personal growing achievement. I will start this thread with an image that is my most special pic. Please add ONE image each...
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