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  1. GrnRm

    Indoor - OG Ghost Train & Strawberry Amnesia In Individual 20 Gal Bubble Totes

    Hey y'all, this is my first legitimate journal, so please be patient. My room was originally going to be set up with a 6 site, soil / hydro hybrid system, but since I still have a few hydro plants to finish out, I'll start with them first... So now, I will be running two plants in a 7'W x 7'L...
  2. R

    Roodnewb's First Grow - Bubble Buckets - Bag Seed - Started In June

    Hello, In an effort to reduce our monthly costs incurred with regular purchases to assist with my wife's chronic pain, we decided to give growing a try. After reading several tutorials and making a trip to our local hydroponics store (very informative), we settled on a method the guy at the...
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