1. S

    White bubble on my baby

    This bubble appeared and I dont know what it is. any thoughts? (I'm a newbie)
  2. T

    Bubble Hash strain - Harvest

    Hey weeders! I purchases a strain that I knew it would take longer to grow and to flower. It definitely takes forever. I grew seeds beginning of May Vegetate until late august Now it's October, and the buds are tiny and not tuning brown. I took a lot of leaves off because they were...
  3. N

    Whole plant processing into shatter - Wet plant to Bubble hash to Wax - Possible?

    Just curious if anyone has tried this before as I'm trying to increase efficiency. Could you process an entire fresh/wet plant into bubble hash, then take that bubble hash and make wax? I've done the latter, turning bubble hash into wax/shatter, and its quite simple, but I'm curious if anyone...
  4. Killian

    Completed Killian's First Grow FFOF & 30% Perilte - FoxFarms Nutrients - 600W MH/HPS - 6" Fan

    Hi all, This is my first grow and I can use all the advice I can get. I am using FFOF with 30% perlite, Fox Farms trio and soluble nutrients at 50% every other watering using the fox farms soil growing guide, 600 watt MH/HPS with air cooled hood, 6 " fan and carbon scrubber, 4 x 4 x 6 grow tent...
  5. DankBacon1202

    Abandoned DankBacon's Mystery Sativa In Bubble Bucket With CO2 Supplementation

    Hi everyone, i havn't been on here and i figured i should share with everyone my current grow. Acquired the plant from a buddy that was about 2 weeks old in a red solo cup in soil that i moved to a hydro bucket. Ill do a photo dump of her life up to present as she is 43 days into 12/12...
  6. Resa420

    Abandoned 1st Journal - Indoors - LED - Soil - Fem Auto Bubble Gum & Fem Auto Bubba Kush

    :35::35: Hi everyone! This grow is for my husband who suffers with chronic pain from a debilitating spinal disease. I have started many tomato and eggplant seedlings indoors but this will be my first MMJ grow. I've read many journals on this forum which has helped me immensely so I thought...
  7. Bodhisattva

    Epic seedling mutations - Share yours - Check mine

    :Love: this little bubble kush firstly the leaves are so odd and then secondly - she randomly decided to branch out into two double bubble trouble above the rockwool rubble Anyone had any seedlings do funky stuff ? - please share more pics and info on GROW 2 link below
  8. Emilya Green

    10 Minute DIY Tupperware Bubble Cloner

    I have made several of these over the years, and I am pretty sure I remember giving my last one away. Today I had a need to reliably produce a large number of clones, and the easiest and most reliable method I have found is the bubble cloner. After finding the suitable plastic tub to destroy...
  9. smokers420

    Bubble Hash Bags

    Good day everyone. I have been wanting to start making bubble hash off my harvest for my meds. I would like some input on where to get good quality bags for a good price. I'm wanting 5 gallon bags, I have seen some on eBay for cheap but I would like to get the best for my money. Hope someone can...
  10. W

    Cannabutter with bubble hash

    So we are trying to figure this out. With bubble hash we wouldn't have alot of the green flavor but how much should we use? right now we have 1 cup of butter (half crisco) with 25g of bubble hash. this should make 50 cookies according to the recipe. Is this over kill? We have zero experience...
  11. P

    Bubble Hash Help

    Hey all i wl make bubble hash, can u help me with it , i need 2 know how much i need ice for one plant , ?
  12. K

    Abandoned Aurora Indica Feminized - Mars 300 LED - 1st Grow

    Hello all! I've been vegging my plant for the last 2 months, and for whatever reason the plant is not growing as big as it should be by now...I had a couple issues awhile back (PH levels & Cal Mag Def) but I fixed all that now. I just started using some nutes lightly. I want to flower soon, but...
  13. H


    any one using bubble bucket hydroponics? could use any help.
  14. J

    Bog Seeds

    Im trying to find a place that sells BOG seeds. Mainly looking for Sour Bubble but I wouldn't mind trying a couple others as well. Does anyone have any idea where I can get some? I know seedbay has them but I would rather pay with my debit card or paypal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. H

    How much air do I need for my DWC

    I appologize if I'm asking redundant questions but I just started a DWC system. I have 7 buckets connected to a 70lpm I have been somewhat worried that it isn't growing as fast as it should (but I think that i'm just being Impatient) It's been 2 weeks since I've started and I'm at roughly 6...
  16. M

    Abandoned Rosy Bubbles - Blue Mystic/Jock Horror Autoflower Grow

    Nice for you to join me for this posting. I have noticed that 420magazine seems to have quite a few techies on board and I would like to say Hi. I do work in Open Source/Linux/IT/Datacenter/Network/Enterprise areas and throughly enjoy it! Now to the setup :smokin2: What strain is it? 1 x Blue...
  17. basement grow

    Completed 10 Gallon Bubble / Diesel Ryder Auto Fem / 400W HID

    Days are listed as from seed going into water. Day 5: All 3 are up now, 1 is showing roots thru the bottom of the net pot. Temperature control has not been easy in the res. Temps staying below 80F though, mostly in the 70-74F range. Room temps have been a cakewalk due to the room I am...
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