1. N

    Abandoned Multi-Strain - Bubble-Bucket for a Hydro Beginner

    12/09/15 5 seeds total; 3 Girl scout Cookies, 1 Master Kush, and a Special Queen #1 from Buy Cannabis Seeds from The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store UK have started their germination bath in shot glasses. I will leave in for 24 hours and they will be going in rock-wool cubs, in a mini germination...
  2. Sir Budlovski

    Completed Budlovski's First LED & Bubble Bucket Grow

    Hey there fellow 420 growers been awhile since i have put a grow journal up due to some happenings in life but im back with more knowledge an keen to get back on here and sharing my grow :3: What strain is it? Starting of with a Papaya reg from nirvana while i am still testing out my...
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