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  1. G

    GM’s Grow Journal Spring 2020: 1st Time Indoor Grow! White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum

    I’m in a 2x2x4 grow tent and have 3 plants (WW, AK-47, and Bubblegum). All seeds purchased online from ILGM. Using Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil and Perlite. Maxsisun 1200W LED (268W +/- 3%) 110V; 4” inline fan and 4” carbon filter, 6” clip-on fan and 24” oscillating tower fan. To germinate (Day 1-...
  2. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green, The 2nd Coming, Photos, Autos, Quantums & Quadlines!

    Hey guys and gals Ready to start the next batch, current grow journal still in progress hereplanned to just run one thread but for ease and less confusion piling it all in one il make a new one for next batch. so what do we have planned.. The strains 2 @SeedsMan Alaskan purple fem 2 00seeds...
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  5. DopyLemontree

    Dopy’s High Brix Cannabis Adventures 2018

    Welcome to my garden, where it is always an adventure in making discoveries and learning from mishaps, growing the best cannabis flower I have come across, using Doc Bud’s High Brix System, thanks @420 for your efforts, and continued support. Us brix’ers owe a lot to you! This journal will...
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  7. H

    First grow - Problem with one plant

    Strain - Indica, bubblegum # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 10 gallon Lights - (1) Mars hydro 192 reflector Nutrients - Fox Farms soil trio Medium - Ocean Forrest PPM - unknown PH - 6.5 RH - 28% Room Temperature -74-84F Solution Temperature -70...
  8. Mike Oxbigg

    First Try With Autos & LED's

    Hi y'all.. been lurking around for a lil bit, and I got to say I've been getting alot of great info here. I decided to start growing my own medicine since the local dispensary has let me down with their quality and the prices.. I'd be just as well off finding some shitbag selling on the...
  9. U

    First Grow: Bubblegum

    Hey guys, I'm currently using my propogation tent for my seedlings to starts growing a little bit. Using a 400w cfl with reflecting plus 2 ps1 flouro tubes with reflectors. Thermo's reading 24 degrees during the day and 20 at night, running 24/0 until a little later on where they'll be...
  10. K

    Why Colorado Tokers Love Presidential Kush

    Remember the stoner kid in Dazed and Confused who swears that George Washington's old lady, Martha, lit up a fat bowl for Georgie at the end of the day? Probably bullshit, but whatever: Washington definitely grew hemp before it was banned more than a century later. He had a lot of stress with...
  11. Lord Simmer

    420 Bubblegum Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - Lord Simmer

    PLANTS: KERA Seeds Genetics: Bubblegum x Ruderalis Mix Soil: 1. KGRO Premium Potting Soil Nutrients: o General Hydroponics FloraDuo A o General Hydroponics FloraDuo B o General Hydroponics FloraKleen Anticipated Heights: 27-35" Anticipated Weight: med Averaging Flowering...
  12. B

    Book's Second Auto Grow - Bubblegum & Northern Lights

    Space 0.70x0.70 metres2 1.70 metres tall interior lined with reflective emergency blanket 1x passive air intake 1x extraction fan with carbon filter 1x fan circulating air Conditions 400w Solarmax Bulb on an 18/6 cycle 15 Litre pots Soil 80% organic potting mix 20% cutting mix...
  13. T

    Bubblegum 125W - CFL - DWC - First Grow

    First grow in this system ..... I'm using emerald harvest nutrients... Growing in a 7.5 gallon reservoir... With a 125w actual in a closet that is about 1'x4' and about 7' tall .... Feel free to drop me some pointers!! so i received a Bubblegum clone about 5 days ago from a friend with 2 tops...
  14. W

    Bubblegum vs Bubblelicious

    I want to try growing a bubblegum strain,while looking for seeds I saw the Bubblelicious seeds.Is there any difference between the two,do they both taste like bubblegum?
  15. J

    My First Grow - 4 x Bubblegum Female Autos With LED Bulbs & More

    Hello 420 world. Im growing finally!!! Been a long time dream of mine. This grow is my first as it states in the title. I intend on growing 10 plants (at least) Yep shooting for the stars. Heres the details: all started from seeds Strains : Bubblegum female Autos (4-plants)...
  16. M

    Bubblegum Kush or AK47?

    Hi, First time threader and first time grower ! So... A friend of mine passed on some seeds to me, he informed me they will either be AK47 or bubblegum kush (he couldn't remember). Then ANOTHER friend also passed on a bunch of unidentified seeds to me and stupid me mixed them all...
  17. Barney

    600W Earth Grow - 12/12 From Seed - Chemdawg - Ice - Blue Dream & More

    Hi all at 420, :420: This is my first thread on 420, so I'll start with a little about my setup and my ethos on plant TLC: Cabinet: (L x W x H) 3 x 1 x 4 Feet Ventilation: 6" exhaust fan; forced induction; fresh air drawn from open bottom-end of cabinet Light: 600w HPS...
  18. U

    Soil - CFL - Cabinet - Ugwad's 2nd Organic Grow

    Hello and welcome to my 2nd organic, stealthy, cabinet grow. Much credit to all those the journals I've learned from. Seeds - Big Bud (BB), Bubblegum (BG), Bag seed (BS) and maybe Northern Lights (NL). Soil - Fox Farms Ocean Forrest with ~20% perlite Containers - Germinating in 1 gallon...
  19. D

    Bubblegum Deep Water Culture LED/CFL Grow!

    I am about 2 weeks into my post seed above ground grow. They are growing a bit slow because my air conditioner went out last week and temps were mid to upper 80's but i have gotten that fixed and am maintaining consistent temps between 76-82. My PH is a bit high around 7.5 but i am having...
  20. K

    Kaptein's Bubblegum grow

    I recently got a feminised Bubblegum seed from my last trip to Amsterdam, the seeds are from "Spliff seeds". This is my second grow, and im not that good of a farmer yet, so i will appreciate some help on the way :-) The plant has been in vegetative state for about 4 weeks, and i topped the...
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