1. B

    28 gram hash press into rosin

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much in a while. Here is a video of my latest rosin press. I used between 73 and 140 micron of my bubblehash that I used pink kush and orange sherbert trim. 28 grams of hash in and 26 grams of delicious hash rosin Let me know what you think of it.
  2. N

    Bubble Hash and Extractor Bags

    Hi! Any one know anything about this Product from Italy? Do you Think it's working? I know that there is several threds about the quality, but what quality are we talking about? If I pay $200 for a Ice O Later ore a set of Bubble Bags ore if I buy a set on Ebay for $25 from China, then I...
  3. S

    Blundered blender hash? can it still be mean, if its green...

    hi everyone! i just made my very first batch of blender ice hash, although it was a very hard process when you cant find the right screen, screening, or filters easily. i cannot afford to shell out $100. or more on bubble hash bags, so had to do with what i could find. i read alot, and...
  4. BassPlayer

    BassPlayers Bubblebag Hash - 1st Attempt

    So I got the 3 bag Bubblebag Kit and decided to have a go at making some hash...Heres how it went... All set up, bubblebag 3 bag kit inc buckets, mixer, ice and water(out of sight), 85g medijuana trim 25 micron bag in place 25, 73, 220 micron bags in place add ice and water add...
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