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  1. Pre-final pot

    Pre-final pot

  2. 4 strains 17 days or so

    4 strains 17 days or so

  3. Transplant Day

    Transplant Day

  4. 2w2d since germination

    2w2d since germination

  5. Skullman420

    The DeVille's White Widow & Bubbleicious - 8 Plants Under 2x Mars Pro II 320

    UPDATE #1 Veg - Day -1 Time for a new grow. The strains this time are the long time classic White Widow from Dutch Passion and Nirvana's Bubbleicious. The medium is 50% soil, 25% Perlite & 25% Vermiculite. Also a layer of Leca is added in the bottom of the pots to allow for better...
  6. T

    First Time Grow - Nirvana's Bubbleicious Autoflower - Advice Welcome!

    hello! Doing an indoor grow and looking for some feedback on the set up and questions. Beans: Nirvanas Bubbleicious Auto. Fem. (If anyone has grown these before, feedback is wanted! Tips, yield, etc..) Plan on popping four. (Should I be fine on space?) Tent - Gorilla Grow Lite - 2...
  7. JadeKush

    Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds & Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana

    Here's my first auto grow. I'm running 4 Red Poison Auto From Sweet Seeds And 4 Bubblelicious Auto From Nirvana. I'll be running them in a 4x4 Apollo Grow Tent. Dimmable Digital Ballast, 600 watt HPS/MH Conversion. I bought this set-up just to run Auto strains, and to have another tent to...
  8. M

    DWC Bubbleicious CFL Closet Grow 2x

    Starting 2nd grow... From TX. Indoors.. In closet.. In "Garden of Ease" by sunleaves Using DIY reflectors with CFL in blue and red spectrums One oscillating fan Using hydroton for medium and using sunleaves starter cubes for seeds. Have General Hydroponics nutes Micro and...
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