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  1. warezaholic

    Warezaholic's Skid Row Closet Grow

    Hello from S.E. Michigan. I'm new to the electronic journal keeping and am in the middle of my first successful plant grow. I have one autoflowering sativa in the oven now 6 weeks. It's doing pretty well in spite of all my mistakes (such as topping an auto!WOW!). It's in full veg right now...
  2. Mosspb

    4x4, First DWC, Bubbleponics, Charlotte's Web Clones

    Light: 1000w MH/HPS (First time growing with this, and a bit nervous about the heat, and power bill lol) Ballast: Adjustable from 600w-1000w MH and HPS Shade: Cooling tube Tent: 4x4 pop up Filter: 6' Carbon Filter Water Pump: Aquatop NP-80 Aquarium Submersible Pump Air Pump: 4 outlet pump (I...
  3. T

    DIY TEST Project - DWC USN container conversion - CFL's - Bagseed - Under 60 dollars

    Hello All This is my first attempt at DWC "bubbleponics". Total cost approx 680 zar (52 usd) - I figure if I build another unit it will cost less because certain things I bought like Leca, I could only find in 10 liter, and I only needed about 500ml leca - so if I was able to buy less leca...
  4. J

    JBois' 1st Grow: LED, Bubbleponics, White Widow Auto, March 2017

    Hello Fellow Growers This is my first grow and first post on this forum! Happy to be a part of the community. Here are the facts about my first grow. -I bought 5 white widow auto seeds from Nirvana. I also got 10 free seeds from them. -I am using a bubbleponics type of setup for my first...
  5. S

    Scientific's Hydro Dwarf Low Flyer 24/7 Illumination Fireplace Grow Journal - 2017

    Hi everyone -- I have a new science project. :1: Your comments and assistance are most welcome! STRAIN: Crop King Dwarf Low Flyer autoflower (70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis) LIGHTING: Bulbs: 4 Luxrite 23-watt, 1600 lumen, 6500 K compact fluorescent in a hanging parabolic...
  6. CannaBossX

    Canna BossX Commercial LED Case Study

    Hi Everyone, I live in Florida where medical marijuana becomes legal tomorrow (January 3rd) thanks to overwhelming support of Prop 2 in the November election. I've been waiting for the day when it would be legal to grow in Florida and finally have my opportunity. :Namaste: For those who are...
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