1. K

    Centralized Oxygenation Instead of Pump per Bucket

    Hi, I have used a few bubble pots each with their own air pump and stone. Now I am putting together a larger system with 9 20l pots. I was wondering would it be just as good to have a lot of air being pumped into a central reservoir and that oxygen rich water is then pumped through the...
  2. Aqua Lab Tech

    New Solar Hit Pipes

    Make sure to grab yourself and a friend a Solar Hit Pipe for your Outdoor Summer Adventures. Every Solar Hit comes packed with an Adventure!!!! Solar Hit Pipe Aqua Lab Tech
  3. M

    Is a Bubbler fixable if broken from the inside?

    i just bought a medium sized bubbler frm a hobbo....i gave him $2 for it.....it was too beautiful that i didnt realized it was broken.....the lil pipe that connects to the inside of the bowl was off >:p...... i tryed crazy glue nd it worked but when i washed it with hot water it came off...
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