1. Post xplant; pre snip

    Post xplant; pre snip

  2. C

    My First Grow

    I am a first time grower looking to add some variety and cut costs on my medicine. I will be growing Bubblicious and AK-48 auto-flower strains. First off this will be a closet grow. The closet is 2.5ftx3ftx8ft high. I have painted the entire closet including the floor with kills primer...
  3. kandysman

    Kandysmans' Soiless Mix Bubblicious & 1 Bag Seed Grow - First Time Grow

    What strain is it? [BUBBLICIOUS] Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? [PURE INDICA] Is it in Veg or Flower stage? [SEED] Indoor or outdoor? [INDOOR] Soil or Hydro?[SOILESS MIX] Fafard 3b mix If soil... what is in your mix? Mix contains; peat moss,pearlte,vermiculite, processed...
  4. S

    Best looking of my 3 Bubblicious plants.

    The one next to it has bigger colas but isn't as dense.
  5. GreenChrome

    GreenChrome's Perpetual Grow Journal Volume 1 - Soil - Ice & Bubblicious

    In honor of the date, I figured today would be a good day to start our ongoing journal. We are part way through a rushed grow, but are making improvements to our space, equipment, and timeline that should give us significant improvements on our next grow. This first post will be an overview of...