1. Justones

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized in perlite advice?

    Planning on doing an indoor 2.5 x 2.5 area grow. In a hempy bucket style with perlite. With a 300w led grow light. My previous grow was outdoors in a bucket using soil. I should state that on that grow. I studied what to look for from looking at plant leaves. I bought mostly separate supplies...
  2. F

    PH fluctuation

    I'm growing in soil and was getting my tap water ph to 6.2 in five gallon buckets. My tap ph is anywhere from 8.2 to 7.8. Once I achieved 6.2 I started ph down on the second bucket when I looked back the first bucket jumped up to ph 7.2 then the ph in the other bucket did the same. I'm using air...
  3. S

    SS#1 - 1st Time Grow - SuperSkunk Female - Hydro - Indoor - 7th Week Flowering

    Strain - SuperSkunk Indica 29% Current Stat - Flowering 7th week # of Plants: 2 - (1 is a Beast, the other one was an experiment puppet & did not survived). Basic scrog + Ropes for weight support. Gear ------ Greenhouse Indoor 48x24x72 tent. Hydro (Bubblephonices - Watermill water 6.1ph...
  4. Q

    Noobie questions

    hey there, so im sorta new to growing and i just cant figure out what im supposed to do. im doing DWC hydro setup out of a 5 gallon bucket, and my seed seller said DONT use rockwool for my seeds. i have absolutely no idea how the hell i am supposed to grow my sproutling in soil and then...
  5. G

    Gambit's DWC Super Silver Haze Grow Journal Nov 2017

    Hey all! This is my first attempt at growing DWC or any type of Hydro. Strain is super silver haze from seed (crop king seeds) It is a 75% Sativa dominant with a 10 week flowering time Setup is a 5 Gallon bucket, with a large airstone in the centre 240GPH air pump with 4 lines (using only...
  6. N

    Hempy bucket question

    I started some seeds in root riot plugs i put them directly into a 5gal hempy bucket a few days after they sprouted. I know this was a mistake but circumstances dictate sometimes. Theyve been in the buckets for alittle over a week and no new growth. They look healthy they just dont grow. My...
  7. B

    Bucket ventilation question re LED light fan

    Hi, In a bucket with passive intake (through a hole with dust filter on), inline 4" fan out with DIY carbon filter that air is being pushed through, does it matter if the LED (eBay 150W) is also pulling air out the bucket? A lot of sites say to reverse the fan so it extracts, but this one...
  8. MackMcMacMac

    Do I have spider mites?

    First, the deets: Strain: auto/fem Tutankhamon (mostly sativa) from Pyramid Age: 32 days from sprouting Medium: FoxFarms Ocean Forest in 3-gallon felt pot inside a 5-gallon bucket (indoor grow) Water: Water in = pH 6, water out = pH 6. Source = dehumidifier collection Nutes: Added 0-10-10...
  9. MackMcMacMac

    Help! Brown spots on serrated leaf tips

    Hi experts! I have a young auto/fem growing in a space bucket that I topped a week ago. Her new tops look good, but I noticed one fan leaf has brown tips on the leaf serrations. I'm concerned! Can you tell me what (if anything) I need to add to the water to combat this problem before it gets...
  10. T

    New Style Growing Bucket! Opinions Wanted!

    I patented this agricultural bucket some time ago and now currently having more 3D printed for testing. It mixes an aeroponic style with deep water culture. It has an upper "halo" that normal 5 gallon buckets do not possess. The halo has aeroponic misters on the inside and the tubing is on the...
  11. D

    Cloner bucket

    Just got finished building a cloner bucket. It has 17 spray nozzles with a 390 gph pump. I have tested it with the lid off and the spray covers over the top of the bucket just fine. I just wanted to know from others that have used this type of setup do you put your pump on a timer or do you let...
  12. S

    Aquarium LED Lighting Work?

    Hey everyone, I just joined this amazing resource as I am just starting out with this new "hobby." I am currently setting up 2 clones in individual 5 gallon buckets and a 4x4x6 tent. I do have some questions regarding the lighting as I understand this is incredibly important. To make a long...
  13. 4

    DWC first timer

    Hello all. I recently bought a full grow package from someone. It was 5 4x4, 5 1000 watt hps with switchable ballast, buckets, air stones and tubing to set it all up, and reverse osmosis setup. I have a few questions. What would get more yield, 2 plants with scrog, or 5 or 6 plants. I watched...
  14. K

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket

    Afghan Kush x Black Domina Hempy Bucket Grow Veg - 250w MH 18/6 Flowering - 400w HPS & 150w led 12/12 Training - Topped once and tied down with defoliation 100% perlite in 3 gallon bucket Lucas formula with General Hydro nutrients mixed in RO water
  15. S

    Sammysnake's Grow V2.0

    Had trouble attracting very many followers the first time, hopefully some more peeps drop by.. :) Hello everyone! Made it through my first grow just barely, but managed to pull out a good 500g from 3 NL autos. Hope to take what I've learned from my first grow and apply it to v2. Here are...
  16. K

    Air pumps for dwc?? I need help

    What size air pump would i use for a 40 gal bucket or tote? And what's a good brand.
  17. G

    Hempy Bucket Mainline WW x BB Lucas Formula 100% Perlite

    Hi Everyone. After being inspired by contributors on this forum, here is an experimental hempy bucket grow for your consideration Special thanks to King426 for the inspiration. Strain - White Widow x Big Bud. Method - Hempy Bucket, 2.5 Gal, 100% Perlite. Technique - Mainline...
  18. Scrogdawg

    DIY - May be of interest to you hydro folks

    For my first ever grow I put together a simple 2 bucket RDWC system with 5 gallon buckets a 320 gal/hr submersible water pump and 2 - 4 L/hr air pumps (1 in each bucket). It has served me well and functioned great. My plan was always to build a more permanent larger system, and armed with a...
  19. P

    Airstones v Those ring things

    Yesterday I swapped buckets out for new ones with new nutes, etc. and noticed how the roots are all in the middle (yeah, no &$*#! sherlock) and lots of them. For my first grow, I bought 4" air stones that are centered in the bucket. After seeing the mess of roots, made me wonder if I had...
  20. C

    Is there a reason why I shouldn't have an auto top off in my reservoir?

    My reservoir is a 25 gallon bin. My plants drip feed in rockwool (double stacked 6" blocks), then drain into the reservoir. I'm finding that I'm often adding fresh water to balance the nutes/pH from creeping up. I currently have a top off valve running from my RO system into a bucket for...
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