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  1. F

    PH fluctuation

    I'm growing in soil and was getting my tap water ph to 6.2 in five gallon buckets. My tap ph is anywhere from 8.2 to 7.8. Once I achieved 6.2 I started ph down on the second bucket when I looked back the first bucket jumped up to ph 7.2 then the ph in the other bucket did the same. I'm using air...
  2. L

    Newbie-Rookie ISO Answers

    What's up stoners growers and erybody else. I've been lurking around this forum for advice with my grow set up and I figured it was time to join up. So I'm finally jumpin on this grow thing full force. I need to know any pros and cons of the smokestack position I have my a.c. hood in right...
  3. D

    RDWC question

    Hey I just needed some help, am planing in the future to setup my 2x 5 gallon DWC buckets in to a RDWC system. Lock in my country(not US) we only have pool shop that sell overpriced PVC parts. My question is for the outline in the bottom of the buckets can they be the same as the...
  4. P

    3 DWC 3 gallon buckets connected together - No recirculation

    Is it a good idea not to use a pump for recirculation ? I mean it's only 3 buckets with each their air stone so there is already a lot of water movement. All I want in fact is having to adjust ph/ppm only once, not 3 times ! And I do not want any pump to add heat and problems. I want to...
  5. T

    DIY 8x plant 67gal RDWC system

    What's up everybody. Wanted to share the RDWC system I'm just finishing building. I'm using 2" PVC to connect 8x 5gal buckets. I used the X style, rather than under-current style. Basically, this is just because this configuration uses the least amount of Uniseal's, which end up being the...
  6. gr0w

    Little Ebb & Flow Idea

    hey guys, building and ebb and flow multi site system and was looking at buying a Brain Bucket Controller with float switches and such. but they are like $250 and I think I can make a much simpler design. I came up with little idea and drew it out for a visual. the idea is that, - Nutrient...
  7. S

    Root discoloration

    I grow in DWC systems and one of them is using 5 gallon buckets to Veg my plants and then transfer them to a Current Culture DWC system to flower. I have a water chiller on my flowering system but I don't have any H2O cooling for my 5 gallon buckets. I have wrapped my buckets in insulation and I...
  8. 4

    DWC first timer

    Hello all. I recently bought a full grow package from someone. It was 5 4x4, 5 1000 watt hps with switchable ballast, buckets, air stones and tubing to set it all up, and reverse osmosis setup. I have a few questions. What would get more yield, 2 plants with scrog, or 5 or 6 plants. I watched...
  9. J

    Adding a chiller

    So I'm adding a chiller to a two 5 gallon bucket system. I'm going to add a chiller. I'm thinking I can get a third 5gallon bucket as the resivoir, and two submergeable water pumps. One to circulate water between the res and the chiller, second to circulate water between res and other two 5 gal...
  10. B

    Seed to harvest DWC

    Any tips, info, knowledge, ideas, will be 5 gallon buckets with 6 in grodan blocks with starter plugs AND GOOOOOOOOO.... .
  11. A

    My First RDWC Organic Indoor Tent Grow, LED Lights, Pineapple Express & Money Bush

    I'm starting my first Hydro grows in RDWC with 5 gal buckets setup as follows: Same config for each grow tent: -2ea 5 gal buckets plus 5 gal controller bucket with Eco 528 pump -Big Easy 80 Grow tent -6 inch fan for air movement pointed at plants -Mars Hydro 192 and 96 LED lights (1ea)...
  12. D

    Cch2o lid on ezstore/ropak bucket?

    Does anybody know if an 8 Gallon Counter Culture lid fits an EZ Store (Ropak) bucket? The CC buckets look identical from pictures I see online, maybe even from same manufacturer. I have the EZ buckets and need lids, but the cch2o lids are pre-cut and are way sturdier. Anybody doing this?
  13. A

    Newbie to DWC Growing With Setup & Feed Schedule Questions

    Hi Everyone, I'm about to start a small grow with CK Feminized White Widow and Green Crack using 5gal bubble buckets with GH farmkit drip rings added and air stones in the buckets. I will do 2 tents with 2 buckets per tent, 1 tent per strain. I'm going to use 1 Mars Reflector 192 LED light per...
  14. LEDBud

    20w or 40w commercial Aerator pump with 4x5g buckets ?

    I have picked up 4x black 5g buckets with 6 inch net lids now its time to pick out the aeration , without any DWC experience I can only guess am hoping someone with experience with either of these two air pumps could offer me some advice on them. My worry is that the stronger 40w pump will...
  15. M

    Exodus Cheese & Sour Tangie Scrog 1000W 1.2x1.2m

    In this grow my setup is a 1.2x1.2M tent with 1x 6" intake and 1x 6" out-take, Maxibright 1000W dim-able ballast, a Parabolic Renevado shae, 1000W full red bulb for flowering and 600W metal halide for veg, 2x RAM desk fans, a Mist Pro 7 humidifier and EcoTechnics faan controller. I created...
  16. C

    First Attempt At DWC - 5 Gallon Buckets - LEDs

    After 3 or 4 grows in soil without amazing results, I finally coughed up some $ to try some DWC. My grow space is a small 4x2 shower, walls are lines with emergency blankets and the rest is pretty straight forwards. I currently have 4 plants growing in soil that are about 2 weeks old. Im not...
  17. M

    Ebb & Flow buckets - Are they noisy? And if powercut what would happen?

    Hello, I have a 3x3 grow tent and my next purchase would be ebb and flow buckets, particularly the 6-Site Bubble Flow Buckets Hydroponic Grow System. If you have other suggestion please tell me. My question is, will this be a noisy set up? I will be growing in a condominium flat. I don't want...
  18. Nutria

    SOG - RDWC - Clones - What's wrong with my plan?

    Yo growers! My tent is 2x2x4.5ft. My objective is to maximize the yield and decrease time between harvests. I thought to make a sog grow in a rdwc system. I will flower clones inside the tent with 0 to 1 week vegetative. Clones will be taken from a mother and put in a cloner machine. I...
  19. Nutria

    Help me design a RDWC system

    Hello growers! After a single bucket dwc grow and a coco/perlite grow i decide to step up and try a sog grow (clones) in a RDWC system. Let me start saying that here where I live it is hard to find the right equipment. My grow space is 2x2ft (4.6ft height) and I want to fit 9 buckets inside...
  20. T

    2016 Big Bang & Double Alien 18 Hydro Grow

    To start off, this isn't the beginning of the grow. It's more beginning of flower. Tonight I'm switching the plants to 12/12 and giving flower nutrients. I use general hydro 3 part series along with Botanicare Calmag and Sweet. I also use Cannazyme. I started the plants in 3.5 gallon water...
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