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bud rot

  1. H

    Is it bud rot?

    Hello everyone! Yesterday i was smoking one spliff from my 9 months old weed(harvested in 2020 Aug.). I wanted to roll another spliff when I noticed that the inside of my old buds are a bit brown. Its a day after i smoked the spliff(I put around 0.1 gram of my weed in the tobacco.) and since...
  2. 2

    Help my plants are turning brown

    Hi there ive got a couple plants in bud and theyre all roughy 4-5foot, in the last week on one of the plants i noticed the top cola and some of the buds arojnd it turning brown, would this be bud rot or mold? Im only a month into flowering outdoors so still another month and abit to go, any...
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    Bud rot starting
  4. D031ECB6-AC40-4E1A-9B90-6E3FFFE077D6.jpeg


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    Gelato saw a tiny rot spot
  6. UKgrower320

    Need help regarding badly high humidity again

    So I made a post a while back on my humidity being to high, got told to use cat liter or a dihumidifier Well I've used both an it's still in the 80s tent closed, 65% tent open... I'm two weeks into flower and basically ripping my hair out in case of bid rot, something I genuinely can not be...
  7. 4

    Possible bud rot?

    Hey guys I'm currently at week 7 in flower on my first grow. I have 2 plants (Royal Gorilla auto) I had some problem with over feeding or a nutrient lockout 1,5 weeks ago, where i flushed it using advanced nutrients flawless finish, after this i reduced the amount of nutrients i used by 25%...
  8. Bud rot (saved from)

    Bud rot (saved from)

    Day 50 flower What was saved from bud rot
  9. Bud rot

    Bud rot

    Day 50 flower
  10. Bud rot

    Bud rot

    Day 50 flower
  11. Bud Rot

    Bud Rot

    Day 50 flower
  12. GrEeNdAyZ

    Bud Rot/Mold - Late Flower - Trying To Salvage

    Hey 420 People, I was a little reluctant to post my trials of the day. I'm pretty embarrassed that I have lost part of and will most likely loose more of a White Widow that is almost at the finish line to a mold. On Wednesday I was looking for opinions on weather to start a flush or continue...
  13. T

    Help! Bud Rot!

    OMG, what to do?
  14. Z

    Powdery Mold on main stem

    I am currently in about week 2 of flower outdoors. My biggest plant has recently developed a powdery mold right at the base of the main stem and im not sure how to get rid of it. I tried wiping it all off and spraying the area down with vinegar/water mix, and thinning out the lower leaves to...
  15. G

    I suspect I may have bud rot

    Hello, First timer here that is very nervous after i dug around on the internet and found that i may have bud rot. Most leaves that are not connected to any buds are starting to turn yellow and wither away slowly (i've heard this is normal with Autobloom) Leaves at the top bud is curled...
  16. T

    New grower wondering if he's completely fucked.

    So this is my first grow and ive been trying really hard to keep my babies happy but i think they may be ... done :< I'm afraid that one of them has gotten bud rot :< But i am not entirely sure and im here to ask some of the more experienced growers for their wisdom and advice. I have a GSC...
  17. P

    Overly mature plants

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, the plants I was growing outside were not harvested until very recently. A few of the plants were perfect, but other had dead leaves, and many had rotten buds and leaves. I am wondering if the plants with rotted buds are entirely useless, or if I can...
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