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buddha seeds

  1. Perfect Sun LED

    Samantha Stone Smoke Report: Auto Syrup by Buddha Seeds

    Here is the video and write up. Enjoy. Great strain. Yielded 6.2oz dry from one plant. Auto Syrup by Buddha Seeds Looks = 8.5 out of 10. Smell = fruity but weak. Strength of smell 3 of 10. Smoothness = 8.5, meaning very smooth Taste: Earth but weak. 5.5 Mostly...
  2. 5toner

    5stoner's - Soil - Buddha Seeds' Assorted Auto-Feminized - DIY Growbox - CFL Grow

    Hi, beautiful people! Thanks to all of your journals I’ve mustered the courage to start my own grow, so thank you and hopefully this can help someone else out too. :) This is my first one so your feedback is highly appreciated. Progress so far: My seeds germinated with 2 days and sprouted also...
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