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  1. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 29th August 2018

    Herbies Seeds Updates 29th August 2018 Back in Stock – you can see all the latest seeds on our back in stock page Dutch Passion High Potency Auto Mix Sweet Green Poison F1 Fast Version Purple Caper Gelato BX Regs Dutch Passion Critical Orange Punch New Additions – You can see all the latest...
  2. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 26th April 2017

    Back in stock — you can see the full list here Strain Hunters Skunk Auto Freedom Of Seeds Crystal Dwarf Auto Fems VIP Dwarf Auto Fems Dutch Passion Auto Duck Fems Freedom Of Seeds Little Stilton Auto Fems Freedom Of Seeds Mighty Grape Regs Homegrown Fantaseeds Afghani Fems Homegrown...
  3. Optimus PrimeBud

    First Ever Tent Grow Using CFLs

    Hey everyone! Long time no see but hey I'm back! Not only that but I've upgraded considerably. First I got a new tent that is huge also got myself a full filtration setup and all. Working on setting up my HPS and ballast next ;) Anyway so here is the breakdown. Growing currently: Veg...
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