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    Little buds?

    We’ve been at this “flowering” stage for about a month or so. The pistils are curling in & they smell strong. I’m just not quite sure if I need to add more nutrients or what. I’m not sure what strain this is either.. This is our first plant and I just don’t know much about it
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    One week in flower and budding already.
  4. R

    Please help: Switched to LEDs, slow growth, no budding!

    Hi guys, I’m quite desperate right now so let me skip to the point (at the bottom you’ll find tl;dr) Setup and performance until now Seasoned indoor grower (~ 6 years) Setup: 8x4 (240x120 cm) grow tent Lighting: 2x 600w HID (Lumatek, Adjust-a-Wings reflectors) Method: SCROG Strain: Dinafems’...
  5. C


    Im having problems getting my plants to start budding its been 2 weeks since i went 12 on 12 off i think they a dwarf but not sure put them in from seeds and ideas
  6. Ron Strider

    MD: Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Downtown Bethesda

    A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to a long-dormant space on Fairmont Avenue in downtown Bethesda. Rich Greenberg, of Greenhill Capital, which owns the building, said Budding Rose LLC signed the lease for the roughly 1,900-square-foot space about six months ago. He said work is ongoing...
  7. B

    Budding Question

    Hey Guys i got a quick question, as i am new new to growing and never seen a budding plant before because my first grow was a hindu kush that turned out to be a male after a long while i had to kill it then went for Cinderella 99 feminized So my question would be is this the place where buds...
  8. flytier

    Couldn't Help Myself

    Well, my first plants aren't going to see their proper harvest time. I was doing good keeping my hands off them and then I went and threw out my back. So I cut one of my plants down and nuke-dried it to get it somewhat smokeable. It wasn't a big plant to begin with, and it was only about halfway...
  9. flytier

    Leaves Going Brown

    Hi fellow potheads, My White Widows are about 2 weeks into their 12/12 cycle with buds just starting to form and they are getting some brown on the leaves. I'm aware that something like this is normal for flowering plants, but it seems kind of soon. They are in an unventilated closet-sized...
  10. S

    Yield and using a light rail?

    I run with 3 600 watts hps to flower the last 4 weeks of flowering, how much would my yield drop if I use a light rail and drop down to 1 light? or I was thinking of mounting a bracket to the light rail and mounting 2 lights to it for a wider more even coverage..
  11. P

    Stopped growing

    Problems with buds and lighting ,I'm in week 5 of flower ,I have 8 plants in ,I had them under 2 450's less. Added a 600 led and they stop budding up ward after stretch,should I remove a light?or what and witch one?
  12. S

    How does my plant look? 10wks old already budding

    Any idea on Yield
  13. R

    Does this plant look like it's budding?

    Hello, or should I say High- This plant has been in the budding stage for 2 weeks now. White widow, feminized seeds, indoor grown. Does it look like it's budding & if so after 2 weeks does it look ok? Thanks in advance
  14. R

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, I'm currently growing indoors under flourescant grow bulbs. When my plants reached 15-16 inches tall, and were 8 weeks old, I put them into the 12 hours of light budding stage. It's been almost a week, and all I see is the leaves on the bottom of the stems dying & falling off, the tops...
  15. H

    I could use some help

    Had a small bit of light getting in...2 plants budding good the other 2 ..not....After fixing the small bit of light ...will the other 2 begin to flower...it's been 3 weeks...The other 2 are budding great?
  16. T

    Full term plants already budding!

    Plants budding early ,full term plants...it's may. Will they go back to veg and get there full potential and yield...I put them out early....screwed up guys.....help please....
  17. V

    Strange tiny orange balls on leaves

    Yesterday was my eighth week blooming, I was inspecting the leaves to see the trichomes and I found these tiny balls on some leaves , I understand to be eggs or something, but I really do not know what is. I have thought about doing bud wash on the harvest day. My question is: It my harvest...
  18. S

    Starting a new AF seed - Top or LST or possibly both?

    Hi all, To date I have grown 1 plant, one atm is flowering, and another just got planted... With my first 2 I just let them grow. Tall and lanky but successfully with not much bud. For this new 3rd one I wanna try/do something different... and for that I ask your assistance. I have...
  19. S

    Do autoflowers require a dark period of a certain time?

    Just as the title says... Some places I read no dark period is ok, then read 6 hour dark period, then 12 hours... I am wondering what you feel is optimal and if autoflowers need a certain dark period at all. (Mine is in flowering stage atm.) Thanks.
  20. S

    Glycerine to water like molasses?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has tried to use glycerine (not glycerol, there is a difference, glycerine is used to make glycerol) as an additive during the last watering of a plant before harvest? I know many people say molasses is added as the fungi/bacteria can break it down and supply...
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