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  1. DutchinAB

    The Lemonade Stand

    Welcome to the Lemonade Stand. We have some photoperiod Pink Lemonade seeds from 34 Street Seed Co to drop. We are going Dutch here, you’ll have to bring your own lemonade! :19: This is a hybrid of Pink Kush and Lemon Skunk, here’s some info from the breeder; “This strain smells fruity, and...
  2. Greenthumbs42019

    GT42019 2nd Journal, Girl Scout Cookies, Seedsman & Budgetled

    Hey all, the start of this grow for me has been a little challenging to say the least. Going to try and make this more details than my 1st journal. What strain is it? Blimburn Girl Scout Cookies from seedsman Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Sativa Is it in Veg or...
  3. IMG_20200308_061936482.jpg


    Violator Kush 7gallon
  4. IMG_20200308_061940976.jpg


    Peach Puree 7gallon
  5. IMG_20200308_061947152.jpg


    710 Diesel 7gallon
  6. IMG_20200308_061951726.jpg


    Amnesia Haze 7gallon
  7. IMG_20200229_151448884.jpg


    The final installment
  8. Silverfox125

    Dope Seeds Sponsored: Stardawg & Blueberry

    Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by my journal. It’s going to be another fun ride and I can’t wait to watch these genetics develop. This will be a sponsored grow from Dope Seeds. A fantastic group of people to work with. They had very stealth shipping if that matters to you. The...
  9. TinyBuds

    Verdant Acres: The Bucket List

    -Welcome to the Verdant Acres- ____________________________________________ The bulk of this grow will consist of strains I've received from @TurboBucket, hence part of the title to this grow. Kudos to you again man. I really appreciate it. The strains in question are OG Kush, by Dope Seeds...
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