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    Purple Haze Auto had snapped in half three weeks in.Hit with powder,she recovered.I still have almost a month to go.
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    Bud porn
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    DWC DIY First 420Mag Grow Journal SD-HV - Pics Will Be Frequent

    Whats the high like folks..My name's Che I got accounts at a few other forums but seems like this ones the MOST active so I will share my current grow with you guys for analysis, advice and entertainment purposes.:yummy: Now on to my set up I have a 15 gallon tote that I forged into a nice...
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    Organic Bud Porn N.W.Green Style

    My journals never seem to be very informative they always just seemed to be filled with pretty pictures so i think its time to devote some space to my other passion photography This is from a recent Blueberry i did. my buddy planted a few seeds and gave me this one when it was little...
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