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    New visitor
  2. Is this a Fungus Gnat?

    Is this a Fungus Gnat?

    8-14-2020 It looks different maybe prego? this is second bug in clone area
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    Naughty little thing!


    IS THAT A BUG ??
  5. M


    Have aphids and currently under control by use of lady bugs any other good bug stompers that could be used as a perm solution ??
  6. daTenshi

    Poll results bug?

    Hey, There's a weird bug in the contest section, if you click on view pole results it shows who voted for who, guessing that's not intended :laugh2: After you vote it doesn't show anymore. :circle-of-love:
  7. C

    Is this a pest?

    The image show it, is this a pest? I doesn't move even when removed from the leaves
  8. Robb87

    Help Newby grower prevent bugs!

    I am about to start using Fox Farm ocean Forest. My last girl I started to have problems with bugs. What steps can I take to prevent bugs in this grow. If possible I would like to prevent rather than treat bug control. I have an indoor grow with tent. I don't want to sterilize due to benifital...
  9. A

    Help trying to identify this bug

    How do i put a picture up
  10. S

    What is this bug?

    Keep finding a few of these hopping around my leaves. Only seen like 6 or so in the past few weeks but I just want to know if I should start going after them if I see more. I have some captain Jacks but was hesitant to use without knowing more. The plant is 4 weeks into flowering The bugs are...
  11. Timmo

    Does anyone know what this bug is?

    The bug and (presumably) its droppings: The damage: They started showing up a couple of weeks ago. They can fly, but for the most part they're polite and hold still while I squish them. Should I spray them with something, or is it enough to just keep squishing them? So far, I've...
  12. 420

    Calling All 420 Community Members: Help Needed With Gallery Bug Reports

    As many of you are aware, we replaced our expired SEO script and added SSL site wide a few months ago. This resulted in a plethora of things breaking, most importantly our gallery uploads from numerous platforms. After trying to figure out how to stay organized with so many testers, testing...
  13. J

    Can I use neem meal during flowering

    can I use neem meal during flowering as a top soil. will it change the taste of the bud? I got some little bugs and last time I got rid of it with neem meal, during vegetation.
  14. GreenH0rn

    Leaves are beeing eaten by bugs

    Hello everyone I have a problem with the leaves. Everyday there are more leaves with holes and i dont know why? Maybe because something is eating them? I dont know what to do. I dont see any bugs and i have looked everywhere. HELP! Im growing indoors (computer case), AUTO FEM Low Rider #2 3...
  15. X

    Do I have a pest?

    This is my first grow and I'm learning as I go, but I'm 80% sure my plants have thrips. What should I do about this? I'm deep into flowering stages and I'm freaking out now lol. Help guys!
  16. T

    Strange pest found in garden

    Hey guys I will post pics shortly, but I found different types of bugs today and they have me a bit worried. The first was on a leaf, and I only found one, not as concerned about it as the second. They look and move somewhat like spiders, they are small and brown/black... They were in some soil...
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