1. krYzzrandOm

    Newbie Grower, Outside Grow, Foxfarm Products

    Newbie grower here. Using fox farms newts and following their soil feeding schedule to a T. Y’all think this is nutrient burn? I read online maybe bugs or mites. I’m growing outside so could be. Thx (Pics taken 4 days ago)
  2. CBDbud

    Weird Bug

    Hello all, Anyone know what kind'a bug this is? I've never seen any harm by this kind, but to be honest, I'm not really sure if it's beneficial or not. Any help would be appreciated... :smokin2:
  3. Bug2.jpg


    Good bug(?) in my garden, close-up
  4. Bug.jpg


    Good bug(?) in my garden
  5. 4

    Possible bugs?

    Hey guys, first time grower and noticed that my leaves have developed yellow spots as well as one of the leaves has a hole it it just after some recommendations as to if I need to bug spray it or if it’s ok? I’m growing outdoors in a pot
  6. Sangmang

    Thrips & fungus gnats on sticky card near seedlings: Is spinosad safe?

    I found a few small thrips and several fungus gnats on the yellow sticky card I have hanging next to my 5 day old seedlings. It's a 6x6 tent that also includes house plants and some peppers and tomatoes. My veg/mother space will remain to be shared with my partners houseplant business but i'll...
  7. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy's Quarantine Outdoor Escape 2020

    Hey guys, long time. Glad to be back this year with some new strains and some new knowledge and ideas. I will be growing 2x Big Blue Mother skunker 1x Sweet Blue Sputty and 1x bag seed. I’m currently waiting on the breeder seeds and am vegetating a few bag seeds looking for a female. I plan to...
  8. Cheese Bounty

    Cheese Bounty

    Here's my bounty 5 plants
  9. Bugs! &(@!

    Bugs! &(@!

    Bug bloom
  10. Diatomaceous


    Lightly tasselled in a handful onto the soil. Lightly Dragged my fingers through the top of the soil.
  11. I

    Nasty leaves on outdoor GG plant! Help!

    This is my 2nd time growing and have been spotting a bunch of shit on my leaves compared to my other 4 plants. They’re all the same size and grown in the same place but this one has little black dots of shit from insects and has white residue stuck on it. Today is the first time I look in really...
  12. J Obadiah

    Let's Talk Fungus Gnats

    What to do about Fungus Gnats... J Obadiah Whether indoors or outdoors, we have all most likely encountered pests, rodents, or insects. Good & bad, these insects can be a blessing or a curse in your garden. Of all the insects which impact a healthy Cannabis plant, the Fungus Gnat is among the...
  13. B

    Please identify this bug

    This is my outdoor plant second week into flowering , Can you please identify this bug their color is brown and they are gathering below flower, So many ants are also sitting below flowers. But I couldn't find any ants in soil. Any tips to get rid of them will be highly appreciated. Thanks...
  14. Liam5677

    Deficiency or bugs, please help!

    So I’ve been having some random spots appear , although not many I want to catch the problem now before it grows into a bigger one. This is my first grow so I’m trying to keep it smooth. I have been reading a lot and can’t seem to figure it out, if anyone has experience please help me. Anything...
  15. G

    Plant Issue and small unknown bug

    Help Please. I have been growing for 2 years and never had an issue with pests until recently. I recently just dealt with fungus gnats (probably because i was watering a bit too much). Hit them with a few different safe organic things such as BT and Tanlin Drops...
  16. Growingasmile

    Thrips on clones

    something is eating my new leafs on the new clones I got and after a bit of research it appears I have a pest that needs to be handled, I have used a cinnamon, organic soap, and spicy peppers mix for my girls last time but the cinnamon and spicy stayed behind on the finished product.. what's the...
  17. W

    New grower

    Hi all new to this site. First time grower. Made some mistakes, now on second harvest. Found i had spider mites. Sprayed with soapy water, then i tried rubbing alcohol. Is this effective? Anyway cut several of my plants down, washed them and now drying. Do i lose resin by washing? How do i...
  18. J

    Any idea what is wrong here?

    Does anyone know what is happening here? Mites? I have no idea really. I found it at the top of one plant and on one leaf only. Any help would be great
  19. ptk2k

    Rubbing alcohol OK for cannabis?

    I have 10 ladies in 5 gal buckets outside and they all seem to have thrips. this has been going on for a few weeks. i’ve used a bunch of neem, some captain jacks spinosad and a bunch of essential oils to try and get rid of them. these definitely keep numbers down and i don’t notice nearly as...
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