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  1. Growingasmile

    Thrips on clones

    something is eating my new leafs on the new clones I got and after a bit of research it appears I have a pest that needs to be handled, I have used a cinnamon, organic soap, and spicy peppers mix for my girls last time but the cinnamon and spicy stayed behind on the finished product.. what's the...
  2. W

    New grower

    Hi all new to this site. First time grower. Made some mistakes, now on second harvest. Found i had spider mites. Sprayed with soapy water, then i tried rubbing alcohol. Is this effective? Anyway cut several of my plants down, washed them and now drying. Do i lose resin by washing? How do i...
  3. J

    Any idea what is wrong here?

    Does anyone know what is happening here? Mites? I have no idea really. I found it at the top of one plant and on one leaf only. Any help would be great
  4. ptk2k

    Rubbing alcohol OK for cannabis?

    I have 10 ladies in 5 gal buckets outside and they all seem to have thrips. this has been going on for a few weeks. i’ve used a bunch of neem, some captain jacks spinosad and a bunch of essential oils to try and get rid of them. these definitely keep numbers down and i don’t notice nearly as...
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    Congrats Amy.jpg

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    Congrats Amy.jpg

    Congrats Amy
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    The spot i found
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  17. OlderStoner

    No Bugs In A Grow

    Over the past 4 years I've made a couple of nice grows for personal use, only about 3-4 plants at a time. Sometimes I've been able to grow completely indoors other times I had to move them outside. What I noticed were that in all the grows the bugs, especially the spider mites got into the buds...
  18. B

    Little black bugs in my soil

    I have these little black bugs in my soil...some fly and when I water they come out of the soil...what can I use to get rid of them....
  19. F

    Black spots and curling leaves!

    So I'm growing some clones here which are in flower as you can see. During veg they were perfect specimens, beautiful! It seems like every time they start flowering is when I run into problems. I use ocean forest and grow from plugs>Dixie cups>1gal>7gal smart pots. I don't use fert during veg...
  20. crazycatlady

    First guerilla grow - My tale of woe

    How many mistakes can one person make on their first foray into guerilla growing? Lots and I have the tale to prove it. Thought I would try autos for an outdoor grow. My region is not known for its growing season being in the mountains of Alberta Canada. Read the instructions on the packages...