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  7. OlderStoner

    No Bugs In A Grow

    Over the past 4 years I've made a couple of nice grows for personal use, only about 3-4 plants at a time. Sometimes I've been able to grow completely indoors other times I had to move them outside. What I noticed were that in all the grows the bugs, especially the spider mites got into the buds...
  8. B

    Little black bugs in my soil

    I have these little black bugs in my soil...some fly and when I water they come out of the soil...what can I use to get rid of them....
  9. F

    Black spots and curling leaves!

    So I'm growing some clones here which are in flower as you can see. During veg they were perfect specimens, beautiful! It seems like every time they start flowering is when I run into problems. I use ocean forest and grow from plugs>Dixie cups>1gal>7gal smart pots. I don't use fert during veg...
  10. crazycatlady

    First guerilla grow - My tale of woe

    How many mistakes can one person make on their first foray into guerilla growing? Lots and I have the tale to prove it. Thought I would try autos for an outdoor grow. My region is not known for its growing season being in the mountains of Alberta Canada. Read the instructions on the packages...
  11. M

    Bugs? Help on diagnosis please!

    Hey! I've been getting some great info from another member as far as my plants go, but I just found some small bugs on my leaves, can't quite determine what they are, so if anyone has any info on what thy are that would be great! So I can figure out how to deal with them, small, brownish worm...
  12. Robb87

    Help Newby grower prevent bugs!

    I am about to start using Fox Farm ocean Forest. My last girl I started to have problems with bugs. What steps can I take to prevent bugs in this grow. If possible I would like to prevent rather than treat bug control. I have an indoor grow with tent. I don't want to sterilize due to benifital...
  13. S


    My first grow 100 days later I see these bugs underneath the leaf of a bud.. I have about 2 weeks left before I stop watering it.. Any suggestions about removal of these bugs at this late stage will be appreciated.. Also, how do I dry it out for best results when its time?.. It's mk ultra...
  14. L

    First time dealing with bugs

    So as the title indicate I have a miracle outdoor plant (Miracle because at the end of October I bought my house and a buddy just tossed a seed in the yard and a few weeks later my sent me a pic of it growing wanting to what the story was.) But the reason for the post is I can't identify the...
  15. N

    Bugs! Dwarf Auto Fem

    As my name suggests, I'm a novice. Last year was my first attempt at growing (my girls were all outside). I had two dwarfs, an early miss, and a candy cane (all fem. auto flowers). Anywho, candy and miss had no issues what so ever. The dwarves ended up absolutely covered in mold/mildew and...
  16. D

    What are these bugs in my run-off?

    Hey everyone, So I was going about my day as you do and pulled the run off tray out when I saw some tiny bugs moving in the water! There are 100s! I took a video to show you, who can figure out what these are? (Can't find how to add video?)
  17. T

    Small white bugs in my run off

    Hi Guys, I have noticed today that there are some small tiny white bugs that jump to the touch in my run off water. I am assuming ther are living in the Coco medium that i am using. I have not seen any evidence of them on my leaves or on the top of the soil. Are these harmful? What do i...
  18. C

    Ladybug farming?

    Hey everyone i'm new to the boards here, but have found the posts i've read extremely helpful. Something I have been interested in trying, but have found little talk of, is keeping ladybugs around. I have done a little of my own research but am looking to get a few direct responses from...
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