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    Looking for quality PAR meter - Features for testing bought COB Array

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a situation with the company who built my Vero29 12 Cob Array -- It's a one person business and I am not going to say his name yet to see if he is going to be an adult and respond to my emails. I finally received my array in but knowing now how much this guy...
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    Please help - I'm due to admit defeat

    Hi guys just going to jup straight to the issue , ive recently built a grow box ( 1.2mx1.2mx1.8m) its nothing huge but should be plenty if area for my own personal. So it was built using double sheeted 12mm ply walls/roof/floor+ door with 50mm poly insulation between the sheets. Its very sturdy...
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    First time grower - Built it - Grew it - Now harvest

    Hello all....just wanted to show some home built, home grown goodness....my first grow and one of two plants to harvest. There is so much info and help on this site anyone can succeed...i'm proof. 75 days from sprout PATTY pineapple kush auto 136.7 grams...
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    Hi from Puerto Rico

    Hi all. I have spent some time reading the forum and just decided to join. I'm practically a noob in this since in the past I used to be an ignorant and hate weed. In the past year I learned a lot from all the good information in this forum and the internet. I recovered from a severe depression...