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  1. Ydro93

    Pls Help! Not sure what type of light to use

    Good evening 420 community! Recently one of my bulbs went out I have a lot of spares here at home but I’m not sure if they are what my girls need. Currently my plants are in veg stage i planted the seedlings in sept 30. I will post a picture of the light bulbs I have at home. I appreciate any...
  2. T

    Transitioning to LED lights from CFL during flowering?

    I'm in the 4th week of flowering a Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4), and have been using a combination of natural light (via window), and CFL bulbs. After doing some research, I decided to purchase a couple of these bulbs Amazon.com: TaoTronics LED Grow Lights Bulb, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants...
  3. T

    Strange plant!

    I have afghan kush ( in veg 2 week ) it's about 20 cm tall she stops grow and show her sex and tern all plant to small bud ? Why she turn to bud too early? I have 2 hps bulbs 400 watts, smart pot - mixed soil and watering day after day and lights 18/6
  4. J

    Clear HPS vs frosted/coated HPS

    I have two 150watt HPS fixtures that I got back around 1990. I have a full case of replacement bulbs but they are frosted/coated. Does it matter if the bulbs are coated? There is a difference in appearance but does that matter? Thanks for any info. !
  5. E

    Switch HPS bulbs to MH bulbs using same ballast?

    Hi, now I have a Yield Lab Professional Series 120/220v 1000W Double Ended Complete Grow Light Kit, it came with the 1000w HPS light bulb, but can I switch it to a 1000w MH light bulb with this same grow light kit? The question seems stupid but i couldnt find an answer. :6::6:
  6. onewarmguy

    1000 W HPS bulbs consume how many KwH in a day?

    Hi All, Over the winter I happened to acquire a mechanical ballast, reflector and 2- 1000 W HPS bulbs (ones a backup) I realize that this may be a dumb question but how many KwH's will a 1000 Watt HPS bulb consume in a 24 hour period? I'm asking because I'm in Ontario, A Place to Stand, a...
  7. H

    I'm Growing Under Bulbs Made In China

    Made in factories in red China by peasant girls making about 12 cents an hour under slave conditions. I don't dwell on it but it is a fact. They get room and board which consists of cabbage soup. The reason we can buy bulbs so cheap in the US is because the Chicoms keep these simple girls...
  8. C

    Review Of Agro Isunlight T5 LED Bulbs Replacements

    Review Of Agro Isunlight T5 LED Bulbs Replacements
  9. J

    Lighting positions CFL

    Whats too close for cfl right now? Im 3 weeks in from seed and most of my gals are 1-3 inches away from bulbs. Right now im mostly using 5000 and 6500k bulbs but i do have a few 2700k that arent close to the gals and i do have air circulation in my closet. But basically im just wondering if its...
  10. L

    Just got a used Lumatek 1000W Ballast in the mail - Won't light up my bulbs!

    I just purchased a used Lumatek 1000LK ballast on an auction website. This is the non-air cooled kind. However, every bulb I've tried to fire up has only flashed for about 1/2 a second, then no light emitting from the bulb, till around 1-3 minutes later, and another flash, repeatedly. The...
  11. JigSaw

    Guys please help

    Still my first closet grow in soil and I feel like Idk what I'm doing...These are a month old and still small and aren't vegging much......I know it's partly because I don't have enough lighting going to them. 6 150w bulbs...they were the most powerful bulbs Lowes had...should I just order the...
  12. T

    Dimmable lights

    I am going to grow with a 600 mh hps combo light with a dimmable ballast ( 600,400,250 ) in the kit both bulbs are 600 watts, do you need separate bulbs to run on 250 or400 or are the bulbs dimmable, would appreciate some help please. Thanks in advance Trev
  13. S

    LED Hardware Store Bulbs

    I am thinking about growing my own plants for my own consumption. I do not want to buy any specialized lights. I want to walk into my local Lowes/Home Depot and spend roughly $10.00 per 4 foot LED bulbs. I've already noticed that these stores sell hundreds of different models of LED (mostly...
  14. R

    When to switch from MH to HPS

    Just bought 600W light system that comes with both MH and HPS bulbs. I started with MH and need to know when to switch to HPS. Any suggestions?
  15. L

    T5s for flower? What is your experience?

    Ok guys and gals i am just curious what you are using for lighting in flower. I have 12 plants in soil under 2 4' 4 bulb 54 watt ho t5s as well as one 8 bulb HO t5 ( total of 16 bulbs) i have heard that t5 are bad for flower but i cant afford to get any hsp or any diffrent lights. So im just...
  16. J

    Gearing up

    I have six 2' x 4' 6-bulb t-8 fluorescent fixtures. What would be a good combination of bulbs that I can use to go through the entire vegetative and flowering stages without changing bulbs? Thanks
  17. Skullman420

    Did anyone use Mars-Hydro PAR38 LED for rooting clones?

    I have a question regarding the PAR 38 bulbs from Mars-Hydro. I have received a little different response from here and there. Some people insist the light spectrum won't work for rooting clones (460nm, 660nm), while others say it works fine. I read some scientific articles claiming the red and...
  18. R

    First Time Grower AutoFlowers

    First time grower here of auto flowers my seeds just touched down today so i'm Geeked and ready to get started. Heres What im working with: Box Size: 1ft 11''x 2ft 4''x 11" Soil: Fox Farm potting soil plain nothing added to it.. or should i add something to it..? Seeds: Northern Lights...
  19. livetoskate81

    Couple of questions on bulbs

    If not should I do my own grow using 2-18watt LED bulbs = 2-100watt incandescent bulbs and get a answer for myself?
  20. J

    LED bulbs

    Anyone knows if i can grow a plant with these new led bulbs? I'm googling for "Growing with LED bulbs" and I'm being overwhelmed with "check-out-this-new-led-lights-to-grow-your-pot-shit". I have zero interest in buying a 1,000 $ LED set, i just want to know if i can grow with these led bulbs i...
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