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  1. SeedsMan

    Seedsman 666 Halloween Promotions

    666 Halloween Promotions These frighteningly fantastic promotions will start on Sunday 29th October at 12:00 noon GMT and will end Thursday 2nd November at 12:00 noon GMT. The treats up for grabs this year are: 1) 8 free seed bundle 2) 3 massive giveaways on Facebook/Blog 3) 25% discount...
  2. Ron Strider

    AZ: Giant Marijuana Bundle Launched Over US-Mexico Border Fence

    Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona have seized a nearly 100-pound (45 kilogram) bundle of marijuana after spotting it flying over the border fence. Surveillance video on Wednesday captured the large package launching through the air over the fence from Mexico to the U.S. Agents on the...
  3. F

    Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle with Pro-Mix

    I have a friend that will sell me his unused unopened Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist bundle really cheap and was wondering if this would go good with a soilless mix like Pro-mix good. If not then what growing medium would be good with the hobbyist bundle. This is like a $140 package that I can...