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  1. Camer41

    Off green blotches need help! Please

    I got an issue with my plant. I’m using a 1000 w equivalent LED about 30 inches away from a 7 week old indoor. I’m only using Fox Farm and I haven’t added any nutrients at all. I pH my tap water to 6.5 and leave the jug out to rid it of chlorine. I don’t think I’m under or overwatering. Do you...
  2. C

    Leaves turning yellow and dying - A cry for help

    Okay so, I've 2 months in with a light pattern of 18/6 with a 600w MH setup. Im monitoring the ph of the water and using natural spring water. But still, yellowing and burning at the tips. I keep light around 16"- 18" away. I gave it cal-mag for the last 2 weeks using it once every two waterings...
  3. Ron Strider

    NV: Can You Smoke Pot At Burning Man Legally? It's Complicated

    A lot of Burners are wondering if they can burn one thing in particular this year at Burning Man: weed. In January, recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada, meaning anyone aged 21 and over is allowed to possess up to one ounce of recreational marijuana and an eighth-ounce of marijuana...
  4. G


    Hey guys ; this girl is super skunk , and has been 52 days from the beginning , i was going to ready to harvest but i saw this problem , those buds are located at the top of my plant , they look weird to me ? is it burning or mold i have no idea . Any idea guys ? Thank you
  5. O

    Switching to different nutes

    Hey 420 I've been doing some research on nutes, and they have some pretty good products. I am using the flora 3 part series and additives from the same line G.H. I'm on my second grow, and I dialed down the nute feeding by diluting the water with less nutes. The leave burning keeps happening so...
  6. O

    proper watering in hot temperatures

    Hi I have planted some plants in my balcony . Where I live, the weather is hot, about 90 - 92 F (32 - 34 C ) at noon and sun is almost direct and sharp. It's almost dry here I can say humidity is 13% . It is my first time grow, but I actually rummaged the internet for best information to grow...
  7. M

    Burned tips black/Brown (Pics)

    Hey everyone just recently I had gave them epsom salt because they looked like they were lacking magnesium, (Rookie me i didnt check ph before watering and jumped it up high),Its been about 3 days since that last water. Should I flush them all, or can I just water regular H2O and be fine at a...
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