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  1. vyserage

    Help with the final decisions of my first cure please - With Boveda

    Hey guys so im struggling with figureing out my final touches to my cure. I would greatly appreciate replies from others who have used boveda packs. Here is my process im using: _____________________ DRYING: Hang dry for 3-4 days in closet via hangers or drying rack. Humidity set to 55 at...
  2. S

    To burp or not to burp

    Hey guys, this is my first cure. Thursday will be a full week of curing for my two plants that I dried for roughly 5-7 days (give or take). They are all in the range of 59%-62% RH. Would you still recommend opening them up for 5-10 mins to burp them daily, should I just open them once a week, or...
  3. cbgb

    Drying & curing

    hey 420 peeps , quick question ..... i harvested my chem dog #4 and let them dry until the small stem attached to each bud cracked (not bent) cracked .....today they went straight into mason jars for cure and burp. i went to burp the jars today and noticed that some moisture had returned to...