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  1. MightyMoe22

    DYI self burping jars tutorial!

    I posted this in my journal but figured it would find more people with a fresh thread of its own. This is my first tutorial so go easy on me! Here we go!!!! It sure seems like it will work like a charm!!! Just finished my first self burping jar! It was actually really simple too. My only...
  2. 13303082-B1B7-4652-80D8-CDC2CB6CEAD5.jpeg


    Some of the smaller buds, day Two of jarring.
  3. vyserage

    Am I curing correctly?

    Bud hang dried for 4 and a half days (inside closet, no fan, humidistat at 50%) where it felt crispy on outside and a little moist on inside. I clipped them all from stem and put into a wide mouthed mason jar with a gyro meter. It started at 60 humidity in jar and within 1-2 hours it was at...
  4. P

    curing and cant get to it

    I am in the process of curing my harvest, and a good one at that for my first try! My current situation is that i have jarred the harvest for curing but, for the next three to four days i am unable to get to it in order to "burp" the jars thus, my harvest is locked in for the next four days. How...
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