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  1. I call her Florabunda

    I call her Florabunda

    All that pinching has paid off
  2. ibrokeit


    Meant to veg it longer, didn't set the timer correct. So be it, still a nice bush
  3. Z

    How to make Lowryder 2 bushy like this.

    I am about to grow a Lowryder #2 and i saw some photos of growers and i can say that its a pretty nice plant. I used to grow greek Kalamatiano is it called. Its outdoor and 1 meter long. This time i decided to make a short one indoor. The thing is what do i have to do to make the Lowryder...
  4. M


    Are these plants hermaphrodites? I think I noticed some very smalls white seeds in a few popcorn nugs that I cut off. Any help would be very much appreciated. (This is my first grow) Indoor Grow Water in morning and night Grown in Bush Doctor Coco Loco Week 7 (3 weeks in flower)
  5. K

    MA: Athenahealth's Jonathan Bush Donates To Marijuana Legalization Effort

    Marijuana legalization proponents in Massachusetts can count Jonathan Bush, the CEO of Watertown-based healthcare company Athenahealth and a cousin of former President George W. Bush, in their corner. According to state political finance records, Bush donated $10,000 to the Yes on 4 campaign...
  6. bbrown219

    Sour Diesel - Money Bush - Super Lemon Haze - Blue Mystic - Cheese - Indoor Coco Grow

    Hello fellow growers. This is my second grow, and I'm doing a few things different. On my first grow I had a Road Runner in a DWC setup under a 400 hp in a 2 x 2 grow tent. This time around I will be doing a Drip System in a 4 x 8. For starters I don't have any equipment, so I will be doing this...
  7. C

    Bushy Plant Help

    Everything going great in my grow so far:allgood::allgood:http://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/allgood.gif I just have a quick question for you guys my plant is growing super bushy, How do train it so that the nodes receive the most light? I've looked at defoliation but I'm...