1. Emilya Green

    Completed Cannapot Sponsored Grow: Bushman's & Amnesia F2 Regulars, By Emilya

    Hi Everyone! We are going to start another grow journal, this time with some regular seeds from @CannaPot. Both sets of regular seeds are going to be very exciting additions to my collection, one a legendary cross, bred to itself to open up the genetics and give good possibilities of seeing...
  2. bushmans-ape-origin-hanfsamen-sativa-indoor-outdoor-420magazine.jpg


    Bushmans Sativa - the perfect southafrican pure Sativa for indoors & outdoors
  3. J

    Abandoned Joeblow420's First 700W LED - 130W CFL Soil Grow

    Hi everyone, I'm Joe! This is my first proper grow, I have tried once previously with 2 x Bushman seeds under 1 x 130w cfl in a homemade grow box (approx. 80cm x 80 cm x 160cm) but due to Police Action I was forced to end their lives. The seeds are random bag seeds but I call them Bushman...
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