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    Plant not Growing!

  2. giftWeedExe

    Cabinet Grow With LED 1200W, 260 True

    Hi guys! I'm completely new on this forum and this is my second grow. I really appreciate to read the many grow journals on the web so I decided to share mine with you! So for the root medium I mixed the recommended dosage of the organic fertilizer "Jobes 4-4-4"(half a cup for 5 gal) with...
  3. Death Bubba Full Plant

    Death Bubba Full Plant

    A full look at our Death Bubba before the harvest.
  4. BubblegumJoey

    Bonnie - DinaFem Blue Hash

    I want to start this thread off by saying all credit for the recipes and success goes to The Rev, and his True Living Organics book. It has been an indepensible tool in the early days of my Growing Adventure. Alright, let's get this grow started! Strain: DinaFem Blue Hash, Indica dominent...
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