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  1. Cheese


    Fromage mon ami?
  2. F

    How to grow bigger plants?

    Every time I grow, whether it be indoor or outdoor my plants remain the same size. I use Ocean Forest and 7 gallon pots. When it goes from veg to flower I start using nutrients, age-old bloom and Cal mag but they never seem to get bigger than about waist high and I see all of these monster...
  3. L

    Is my girl too bushy?

    Hi, I'm growing my skunk #1 and feel she may be too bushy as the lower leaves aren't getting much light and due to this these leaves a thinner and smaller. Should I trim some fan leaves away? Has anyone done this and what are the effects? I'm using a cfl light 250 watt. She has just...
  4. B

    Durban Passion 3rd week seem to be small?

    4x32w CFLs and 1x42w CFLs (about 5 inches far from plants) light cycle 24/0 and sometime 18/6 2 small fan grow in soil with organic mixture runoff water is constantly 8.0 even though i've tried to drop ph level of water i give them to about 6.2. I'm still observing for changes. the first...
  5. F

    8 weeks from seed

    first grow did some lst how long should i wait to flower? Super bushy using 600w HPS and fimmed 2 weeks ago thx!
  6. R

    Gender & question about the plant

    Hi guys, This is my second time growing a pot plant and this one is quite different from my old one. This one looks healthy and it is very bushy. I'd like to get your input on this aspect. Is it too bushy? Should I start pruning or is it fine this way? Also, is it possible to tell the...
  7. PurpleGunRack

    Black Gold - Cream Of The Crop

    I recently grew 2 Black Gold from Cream of the Crop and one was slow with thin buds and the other grew at ''normal'' autoflower pace and had nice buds. Both were very bushy and leafy, I removed a lot of leaves from it to expose budsites to light. Black Gold #1 Smell: Earthy 6/10...
  8. M

    Opinions needed on my new grow box please!

    Hi i am now on my second grow (in my new D.I.Y grow box) 22 days exactly from when I planted the seed. she has been planted in john innes seedling compost mixed with john innes farmyard manure and perlite. I am only feeding her 60 ml of ice cold tap water once a day just before lights go out...
  9. M

    Plant seems too bushy

    Hi ive made a new grow box for my second grow but this time rather than growing tall it is growing completely differently even tho they are from the same seeds. My plant is 21 days old from seed it is only about 6" tall but is so thick it looks odd i can no longer see the stem just full of...
  10. S

    Crazy growth, where did i go wrong?

    Hi all, I'm kinda new in this and this is my 4th grow and my 1st time to use fertilizers. My strange growing plant is an AK-48. That's my second time to grow this strain. The plant is now starting it's 3rd week. I'm not sure what i did but it's growing crazy! The other plants from the same...
  11. V

    Dragon LST

    My first plant. Tried out some LST. I think it looks kind of like a Dragon. Some big ol' fan leaves for wings and lots of bud sites going down her back for scales... Just thought I'd share.
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