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    Help, advice or both?

    Im Billy, in my mid 50s with 25 years experience in horticulture. I worked as a consultant for many nurseries and think selling starters in 2" to 4" flats may be where I fit in the industry. I retired from the business after the housing bubble bust in the mid 2000s. I work in social media now...
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    Hello from Berkeley CA

    Hi, I am Hashish from Berkeley California. I am thinking about getting into Marijuana growing and selling business. Very new to this. Any help is appreciated.
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    Moving to the States - MMJ related industries

    Hi there, New here so please bear with me! I don't know if this is a question which comes up a lot on here, but I hope to provide a little difference. I am a 20-year old student 'on leave' who has smoked cannabis on and off for the past five+ years. I have all of my life suffered from...
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    Greetings from CallieBear

    We are a boyfriend/girlfriend team looking to create a small cottage business. We are just beginning to explore all opportunities in this exciting cannabis industry. All suggestions are welcome. This is our first cannabis grow although we have been successful in growing typical gardening...
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    First Hemp Bank (dispensary help needed)

    Does anyone have any information they can share with me about First Hemp Bank? Here is what I have heard, David Clancy is a owner of this company. The company has a Federate ID to grow, cultivate and distribute cannabis. I am thinking of going into business with First Hemp Bank. If they do...
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