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  1. mrresi

    Can you smoke Cannabutter/Budder?

    I've see some videos on youtube of people smoking some budder out of their bong (Mainly Hashbean420), but when I do a google everyones like "ARE YOU F*CKING STUPID? YOU CAN'T SMOKE BUTTER RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE". SO anyways, can I actually smoke budder? What does it taste like? How harsh is it...
  2. D

    Very important information about cooking temperatures and conversion amounts

    I created these lists to help when choosing amounts and temperatures for cannabis cooking and titration This guide helps show what happens at certain temperatures so that you do not cook off any THC or fail to infuse Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius Use Science in short 220 F /105 C...
  3. D

    How strong can you make Butter?

    My question is: I've had a couple experiences in the past making butter and I am about to make a batch once again and I was going to try to make this batch nice and strong, I was planning on using an Oz of middies per stick of butter (I usually do 1OZ/2 sticks), but then I thought is there only...
  4. D

    To use water or not to use water

    So I've been making brownies a lot recently. From scratch of course and using some delicious green butter. I was curious though, I have read people saying that they use water when making butter and people saying they don't. What do you think is the best way to do it and why? And do you think...
  5. haylofx

    Hash oil in baking?

    I can get my hands on some hash oil but have only ever used cannabutter, I am assuming I would put butter/vege oil in a saucepan and slowly warm on low heat and put the hash oil in and allow to disperse. Then use this mix in place of butter/ oil in the recipe. Has anyone ever done this? is this...
  6. S

    Making Butter With Hash question

    So i made a stick of butter with 3.5 grams of maui waui hash and ground up the hash to a fairly fine powder then melted down the butter on low,put the hash and stirred for ten min and then put it in the fridge for the night how long do you need to let the hash simmer in the butter i thought...
  7. B

    Don't have much but I wanna try!

    First off I have indeed smoked my fair share of bowls so the feeling of it is VERY familiar to me. I recently aquired 6g of some pretty dank stuff (1 hit gets you pretty damn far!) and I am curious about making some food. I know that butter is one of the most common ways to consume...
  8. fineas

    Hello I am back!

    Hello and happy holiday season to all. I have been in hibernation from the beginning of the hurricane season, but now I am back to visit all yall and pick your brains and let you pick mine. While I was gone I made firecrackers, both w/ butter and peanut butter and nutella and graham crackers...
  9. D

    Need help with cooking

    Hi im new tto cooking, ive been smoking for a year. Im cooking some cannabutter tommorow and had a question. Do i use salted, or unsalted butter? Also, the only kind I can find is butter with 17% fat, or 11 grams of fat. Is that enough fat? thanks guys!
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