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  1. Ecrowley33

    2.5x2.5x5 tent ventilation questions

    Ello all Just a n00b trying to make as few n00b mistakes on my first grow. A little about my setup: 2.5' X 2.5' X 5' lighthouse tent 600w viparspectra led full spectrum (I love the veg n bloom buttons.....I like buttons) Phat fan 6" (390 cfm)w/ goblin carbon filter and controller Growing...
  2. EBKong

    Grow & bloom buttons on Mars Hydro units

    Just hoping to get some feedback for you folks about the grow/bloom buttons on the mars hydro led units. I'm using two reflector 144s in a 4x4 tent. I had both buttons on during veg and I just switched the timer over last night to start flowering. Just wondering if you guys typically use the...
  3. Grow17

    Question about fan LEDs

    I have Lasko tower fans in my rooms. They have fairly bright blue LEDs for the control buttons. Do you think they will have any effect on my grow ?