1. Mars Hydro

    Mars-Hydro August Shopping Festival

    Mars-hydro shopping festival Third wave Mars II 1600 original price is $571.99USD,now is buy one: $514.99USD each buy two: $481.99USD each And use coupon code:marshydro,get another 3% off
  2. Ron Strider

    Uruguay Pharmacies Start Selling Recreational Marijuana

    Uruguay has become the first country in the world to legally sell marijuana for recreational use. Sixteen pharmacies started dispensing marijuana on Wednesday, Almost 5,000 people have signed up to a national registry to be able to buy marijuana legally. They will be able to buy up to 10g...
  3. Brassico

    I'm New Help

    what one goes in first for the seedlings also is there any reason or will it make the buds better if i buy this :volcano-smiley: Please help Thanks for ur time
  4. C


    i buy 5 seeds of white widow and 5 dark angel . I also buy b52 fertilizer.i have germinated my seeds. I would like to know how to use this type of fertilizer , foliar or watering and how dose. Could you help me. i wil plant outdoring in 2-3 weeks
  5. Ron Strider

    More Than 500 Sign Up To Buy Legal Cannabis In Uruguay

    More than 500 people signed up to buy state-vetted cannabis in Uruguay on the first day of registration for the first such scheme in the world, authorities said Wednesday. The state launched the register on Tuesday to log users who will be able to buy 10 grams of the drug a week in...
  6. Ron Strider

    Uruguay Opens Registry To Buy Marijuana

    Uruguay is beginning to register people who want to legally buy marijuana at pharmacies as part of the world's first government-regulated national marketplace for pot. Authorities announced the registry's launch Tuesday. Uruguay legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana in 2013. The law...
  7. Tony Urban

    Daffodils and Burmese Skunk

    Hi, Been binge reading grow journals and every other important topic. Obsessing over building my set up. Patiently waiting to grow. Gonna plan and plan and plan then buy and buy and buy. But heres my intro for now... Around 20 years ago I was a young man and tried to grow. Ordered seeds...
  8. B

    New Canadian legal patient needs to source grow gear at reasonable price

    I have to buy gear for a veg and flower tent. Tents, lights, reflectors, fans. Where is the best place for a Canadian to buy this type of gear online? Online Cnd stores? Or what about sourcing from online US stores and shipping? Also curious if 420 Sales are worth waiting for. I...
  9. K

    Anything you want at the Hydro Store!

    IMAGINE FOR A SECOND, YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THE HYDRO-STORE. WHAT WOULD YOU GRAB? I had a dream that I took a trip to my local-hydro store. I walk through the doors and inhale that good-ole hydro store smell. The smell of dirt mixed with the fumes of cardboard and...
  10. D

    Fabric Pots! Don't buy! Read my reason!

    Okay before people who use these get upset hear me out . I recently bought 10 tan VIVOSUN fabric tan pots and my plants have grown nicely. Here the issue .... the fabric pots shed those hairs and end up on all the buds . It pisses me off when I take a peek at my trichomes and I see are those...
  11. C

    New grower - What's the best organic soil to buy in Canada

    Hello fourmers, I'm currently growing 5 Digital Dream plants with a 600 watt Vipar Spectra LED grow light. They just hit 4 weeks into the 12-12 cycle on Tuesday hopefully they start flowering soon. The growing medium that I'm using is miracle grow soil. I've done some research after just dealing...
  12. Katelyn Baker

    Germans To Buy Cannabis By Prescription

    Seriously ill patients in Germany can buy cannabis by prescription. The permission is granted for a maximum of three days, and the medical insurance covers the costs. This was announced by the State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Health Lutz Stroppe, reports Deutsche Welle. In the near...
  13. C

    Where to buy Purple Kush seeds?

    hi everyone where should I buy best purple kush seeds
  14. L

    Hi everyone

    Im recently retired. Bad back, gonna get worse. Wife is bipolar,schitzophrenic,OCD,etc. So you can see we have lots of fun. Well we leaving New Orleans and going to Colorado with our 4 pound dog. Looking for a nice place to buy goodies and stay. Need some recommendations please.How much can we...
  15. lazyfish

    Money stolen - How to buy seeds?

    Hello, So a couple months ago I sent cash in the mail to buy seeds from a very reputable company in Amsterdam and they have not acknowledged receipt of the cash. I cannot use a credit card or check and there is no safer way than to send cash. I don't think I have any other way to find seeds...
  16. D

    Equipment Wishlist - What would you love or are you planning to purchase?

    I looked for a thread on this,I found one on seed strain but not on stuff you'd like to buy. Right now I notice my 15 month old cheapo (off an auction site) carbon filter isn't what it used to be. Also looking at a good intake fan that can be controlled by a fan controller. A friend encouraged...
  17. M

    Grow lights

    best grow lights and where to buy?
  18. G

    Crop King Seeds - Advice needed please

    I am looking to purchase within the next vouple of days from you duys. After tons of reearch You have the bst reputation and warranty. Ao now that i decided who to buy from i need the regulat customers and staff help . I live in the Los Angeles Desert region. which borders with Mojave Desert. I...
  19. CropKingSeeds

    Enjoy 20% Discount At Crop King For Cyber Monday!

  20. J

    Finding a CFL light

    Does anybody know where the best place to buy a CFL light for my reflector is? I'm using Vpower 1000 W ballast, and also wondering what the best wattage for vegging with a CFL light is. In everyone's opinion, where is the best place to buy one, what K, and what wattage to buy? Thanks for your...
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